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Seattle Tacoma Airport ( SEA ) Terminal Map Information

Seattle Tacoma SEA Terminal Map SEA Concourse A SEA Concourse B SEA Concourse C SEA Concourse D SEA Main Terminal SEA Satellite North SEA Satellite South


Seattle Airport Map

Seatac Airport Map, Terminal layout & Notices; Getting Around, International Arrivals, and Terminal Details. Airlines are listed alphabetically at the introductory page, with their telephone numbers, gate location & baggage claim.

The passenger terminal complex at Seattle/Tacoma’s Sea-Tac Airport is shaped like a bow, consisting of a main terminal with North & South train stations, surrounded by the Central Terminal's Concourses A, B, C & D and North & South Satellites:  
The South Satellite (S gates) serves all international arrivals (except those with U.S. pre-clearance).  Transit train stations are in all Concourses and North & South Satellites: separate underground trains run (a) between North Satellite & Concourse /gates C & D;  (b) between Concourse /gates A & D; and between Concourse /gates A & B & Satellite S.

Important Notices:
    Passengers without luggage may use the new check-in kiosks from select Airlines to print boarding passes; Alaska Airline customers can get their boarding pass and then take their bags right to its baggage drop area. Alaska Airlines also offers self-baggage-tagging option by printing & attaching baggage tags at self-service kiosks in the lobby, then showing I.D. and dropping bags off at airline staff for screening & loading onto aircraft.
    Holders of the Global Entry card can reduce average wait time by 70 percent.
    APC - Self-Service Automated Passport Control kiosks for US & Canadian citizens: The current 14 new kiosks cut waiting time through customs in half.
   MPC - Mobile passport control: Eligible passengers may submit passport information & customs declaration form to CBP (Customs) via smartphone or tablet app prior to arrival.  Android & iPhone users may download the MPC app from either the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.mobilepassport); or from the Apple App:  (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobile-passport-officially/id907024887?ls=1&mt=8).
    The light rail station has a new flight information display.

Getting around using the Seatac Map

Use the Seatac Map International:  Concourses A, B, C & D are connected at post-security, enabling passengers to freely move around without having to leave the secured area. The satellites (N & S gates) are linked to the main terminal by continuously running underground loop trains. If your flight will depart from one of the satellite terminals, add an extra 10-15 minutes to your boarding schedule.
Connecting  between terminal and between gates, you can take the STS train between North & South Stations. To avoid a lengthy walk from the Main Terminal to the Concourses and satellite gates, use the shuttle train:
- The South Train Loop between the main terminal South station and the B & S Gates;
- The North Train Loop between the main terminal North station and the C and N gates;
- The shuttle train between North & South Terminal Stations with connections to N & S Gates:
  - Between N gates & S gates: take the train from South or North Satellite to the Main Terminal, then cross over and take the train on the opposite side, which is the shuttle that runs at post-security between the North & South stations.
  - Between South Satellite & Concourse C: take first the train from the South Satellite to the Main Terminal, cross over to the shuttle to the North Transit Station, from there cross again to the train at the opposite side to take you to the end of Concourse C.
- International arrivals (see also: 'Important Notices' above): Passengers arrive at the South Satellite (whether changing planes or ending their trip at Sea-Tac) and then go through immigration clearance, pick up checked luggage, continue to customs (taking 30-60 minutes); thereafter procedures differ:
  - If you end your trip at SeaTac, put your luggage on the high-speed conveyor which will deliver it to the Baggage Claim. Proceed to the Main Terminal to pick up your bags at the Baggage Claim carousel 1. (Ground Transportation Information Booth is on level 3 of the parking garage.)
  - If you need to transfer to a domestic flight at Sea-Tac International, you must re-check-in your bags and go through TSA security screening prior to proceeding to your connecting flight. If you have duty-free liquid items, put them in our checked luggage to prevent confiscation at the security checkpoint.

NOTE:  Work started early 2017 on The International Arrivals Facility (IAF) - ongoing until late 2019.  For details please refer to the introductory page of this site, last paragraph. 

Seattle Airport Terminal Map Details 

  - Hudson Booksellers are at gates A7 & C2.  Hudson news stands are located at gates A3, A12, A14; B6, C12, D2, D6, at South Satellite Gate S1, a North Satellite Gate N2, in Central Terminal, baggage claim, and north & south of central checkpoints.
  - Dufry Duty Free shops are in Central Terminal, Concourse A, North Satellite gate N11 & South Satellite gate S1.
  - Currently a total of 86 dining & retail options are available at Seattle Airport, while this number will increase to 135 within the next few years. Winning bids by local businesses include Marche Food Hall (for Concourse A), Evergreens, Poppa Woody’s, Lucky Louie by Kathy Casey, Asian Box, Ballard Beer Hall, Banh Shop, Caffe Ladro, La Place, Le Grand Comptior, Pallino, Pei Wei Asian Diner, Seattle Made, Standard Bakery & Broadcast Coffee Roasters, Stone House Cafe - as well as Swarowvski fashion/jewelry.
 The Main Terminal houses pre-security check-in/ ticketing, arrivals & mezzanine levels.  The Main Terminal's North & South Stations are to the right & left of the complex, connecting both ends by train. 
   Check-in level, ticket counters 1 - 6 correspond to the skybridge numbers leading to level 4 of the Seattle Airport parking garage, while skybridge 6 also leads to the pedestrian walkway to Link Light Rail Station & public buses.  Some food & drink, shops & services are available past  ticket counters. 5 security check points near ticket counters (TCs) lead to departure gates certain gas with access to all other gates. . Security check 1 & 2  to A & S gates,  Security check 3 to Central Terminal,  & B & C gates,  Security check 4 to C & D gates,  and Security check 5 to D & N gates. 
The Arrivals Hall atrium area is located near ticket counter 1 and skybridge 1.
   The baggage claim level with even-numbered doors 00 - 26 houses baggage carousels 1 - 16. The International Arrivals waiting area is close to carousel 1 with a transport information desk.  Outside of door 02 are public transit buses, shuttles to rental car facilities, outside of door 00 are scheduled Airporters, Cruise line  & charter buses (BelAir, Bremerton-Kitsap, Capital Aeroporter, Kenmore Air, Quick Shuttle, Rocket Transport & Whidbey Sea-Tac Shuttle).  Near doors 00 & 26 are also Pet Potty /pet relieve areas outside.
   The mezzanine level 
houses the USO Sea-Tac Center, open 24/7, with full service, including showers (tel. 206-433-5438 or visit usopsa.org.

The SEA Airport Central Terminal
represents the post-security Concourse level, with security checkpoints, and direct access to the baggage claim area on either side of the center. It houses a number of dining & shopping options, with access to  pet relief areas and to concourses/gates, which also offer food & drink, & retail concessions. Note that airlines listed at individual concourses may also use the South Satellite for their international arrivals (see 'South Satellite' below).
Spirit & Sun Country Airlines
operates out of common-use gates among several concourses (indicated on your boarding pass). Across from gate A11 is the pay-in lounge 'Club Cascade' (tel. 206-787-7970).
   Concourse A is presently served by Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, Sun Country, United  /United Express - at gates A1 to A14. Opposite gate 4, two levels down, is transit to B, S & D gates, with connection to C & N gates. Near gate A1, on opposite sides, are acces to B gates and Children's Play & Pet Relief areas.  Club Cascade (tel. 206-787-7970) - a pay-in lounge with great view, separate conference room for working teams, and private work stations - is across from gate A11.
- The Club at SEA, a pay-in lounge, and members of Priority Pass is at gate 11.
   Concourse B is presently served by Frontier, Southwest & Virgin America - at gates B4 to B14.  Between gates 11 & 15, two levels down, is transit to A, S & D gate with connections to  C & N .  Opposite the B Gate entrance is access to the baggage claim.
An ATM cash machine is next to gate B3, a children’s play area, is next to the exit to the main terminal, with connections to both Concourse A and Central Terminal in the same area.  The AMEX Centurion Studio Lounge is available to AMEX Platinum Card holders and Centurion Member - located across from Gate B3.
   Concourse C is presently served by Alaska Airlines - at  gates C2A-C2M & C3-C20. Near gate C14, go down to transit to D & N gates, with connections to A, B & S gates.
An ATM cash machine is opposite gate 8, Horizon Air Customer Service are near gate C3, and the Alaska Board Room is in the connector to D & N gates. Near ‘InMotion DVD Rentals’ you can connect to the Central Terminal. The Regus Business Center is at gate C3.
   Concourse D is presently served by Alaska, American & JetBlue  - at gates D1 to D11.
Opposite gate D3, down 2 levels, is transit to C & N gates, & shuttle to A gates, with connections to B & S gates.
Near 'Alaska Lodge' is, on opposite sides, access to the Baggage Claim & access to C gates.
   The North Satellite* is presently served by Alaska & United airlines - at gates N1 to N16.  Between gates N9 & N10, down one level, is transit to Main Terminal, baggage claim & all other gates.  NOTE: The North Satellite modernization project is currently undergoing phase 1, which includes 8 new gates, a 240-foot building extension to the west, an upper-level mezzanine, considerable dining & retail extension, and a rooftop Aalaska Airlines lounge - with first phase to open 2019 and completion by 2021.
   The South Satellite is used for all international arrivals (except those from airports with customs pre-clearances). It is presently served by Air Mobility AMC, ANA All Nippon, Asiana, British, Condor, Delta /Delta Connection, Emirates, EVA, Hainan, Hawaiian, Icelandair, Korean, Lufthansa airlines, Virgin Atlantic & Xiamen.
Near gate S9, down one level, is transit to main terminal, baggage claim & other gates.  A Travelex foreign exchange, an ATM machine & a duty-free shop are in the center. 
  - Both Delta SkyClub & British Airways Terrace Lounge are near Gate S9
 - Club International 
(tel. 206-787-4040) - a pay-in lounge with great view and meeting room for up to 10 or for large family group - is next to gate S9
  - 'The Club at SEA' is a pay-in lounge, also available  members of Priority Pass members, located at gate S9.