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Singapore Changi Airport ( SIN ) Terminal Map Information

Singapore Changi SIN Terminal Map SIN Terminal 1 SIN Terminal 2 SIN Terminal 3


Changi Airport Terminal Complex Layout;  International Arrivals procedures; Transfers with/ without boarding pass; Terminal Details (including airlines & airline lounges) ; Services & Amenities, and future Terminal 4.

 - Changi Airport’s terminals are currently served by Runways 1 and 2.  Under the Airport’s development plans, CAG is undertaking two projects simultaneously: (a) expanding both Changi’s terminal capacity by  building Terminals 4 & 5, and (b) expanding Terminal 1, including  its runway & airfield capacity - by means of a three-runway system.  (b)  The previously used military Runway 3 is being extended for larger aircraft and connected to the rest of Changi Airport via a supporting taxiway network. The runway extension and new taxiway system will cover the length of about 40 km.  In support of the 3-runway operations, supporting infrastructure and systems will be installed.
 - Under the Changi Airport's capacity expansion plans for its 3-runway system by early 2020 - the work will be done in several phases.  While Phase 1 is in full swing, involving the proposed Runway 3 extension and its vicinity -  Phase 2 will involve work near the Airport's current runway 2 and is to include  pavement, drainage, and mechanical & electrical works, security fencing, perimeter roads, ancillary buildings, as well as other supporting works (like services and road diversions).
Ongoing work on the  'Jewel' project involves a mixed-use 5-level round building (glass dome) - to become a future tourist destination, and will exhibit the largest indoor plant collection of Singapore - with a Forest Valley with thousands of trees, plants, & waterfalls, and four different Gateway Gardens.  At the center is a 40-meter high Rain Vortex waterfall, illumiated by light show & sound. The Jewel structure will have a wide range of retail/dining outlets and a Canopy Park adventure playground.
Update: The Jewel's Canopy Park opened June 2017.

The passenger terminal complex at Changi Airport will soon consists of five terminals - current  T1, T2, T3, T4 (T4 to open Sept. 2017), and the JetQuay CIP Terminal (near T2):  Passengers may freely move between A1, T2 & T3's concourse/gate areas of T1 at east; T2 at south & T3 at north. The free Skytrain - with seven stations to C & B gates, B & E gates; E & D gates, to T2 & T3; and to T3's A gates serving the terminals - operates 5am-2:30am in both transit & public areas, departing about every two minutes & taking about four minutes. After 2:30am, use the inter-terminal automated walkways or the shuttle bus which runs every 15 mins (taking  7-20 mins) for inter-terminal connections in the pre-security areas of the Departure check-in halls of level 2 of all three terminals (use Door 5 at T1, Door 1 at T2, Door 8 at T3).
For customer service call (65) 6542 9727 for T1 or 9792 for T2; (75) 6307 8555 for T3.
International Arrivals:  Upon arrival at Changi Airport follow the 'Arrivals' sign and head for the Foreign queu. Prior to going through immigration clearance, you need to complete the D/E card (disembarkation /embarkation), have a valid passport  at hand, (with Visa if exiting the Airport), and stand behind red or yellow security line to be processed one person at a time.  If arriving within 6 days of passing through yellow fever areas, you will also need a fever vaccination certificate if entering Singapore (available at the Airport Clinic).   NOTE: If your airline does not transfer your bags to your connecting flight, you need (after immigration clearance & claiming your bags), to check in for your next flight at the proper terminal.  For more information contact ICA at (65) 6391 6100 or visit: www.ica.gov.sg.
Transit Hotel locations: The Transit Hotel is intended for a short rest between flights and to freshen up - no need to clear Immigration.
 - at T1, Level 3, Transit Mall East, (tel. 65 6542) or call 5538; the new luxury Aerotel with 70 rooms, is near the boarding gates and offers swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym & bar.  Minimum stay: 6 hours.
 - at T2, level 3, Transit Mall South, call 8122 ; 
 - at  T3, Mezzanine level 3 at Transit Mall North, call 9788.
Transfers with or without boarding pass:  (a) With a boarding pass for your connecting flight, check your flight number & gate on the Flight Display & proceed to your departing gate, arriving there no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. 
(b) Without a boarding pass, proceed to your Transfer Lounge (TL) or Departure Check-in Hall (D,CH) of:
 - Terminal 1:  TL D: Delta; TL C: Jetstar Asia & Valuair. Transfer passengers on Air France, KLM or Qantas flights - connecting to/from Jetstar Asia, Jetstar International or Valuair - should proceed to TL C of Terminal 1, for flight check-in; however, transfer passengers on other flights connecting to the following airlines need to check in at the Departure check-in hall of these terminals:  T1: Air Asia, Indonesia AirAsia, Jetstar Asia; Lion Air, Thai AirAsia;  T2: Air India Express, Cebu Pacific, Firefly, Tiger Airways.
 - At Terminal 2:  TL E: Air India, All Nippon, Asiana, Etihad, Korean, Lao, Lufthansa, Malaysia, Philippine, & Royal Brunei.  TL E or TL F: Singapore* and Silkair.*
 - At Terminal 3: TL A: Qatar;  TL B: China Eastern, Jet Airways, Saudi & United;  TL A or TL B: Garuda, Singapore, SriLankan, Saudi,& Vietnam airlines.
Online shopping via 'iShopChangi's collection-on-arrival' service is now available to both  arriving & departing passengers.
Budget Airline Transfers:  (a) Most passengers arriving on or connecting to budget airlines need to go through immigration clearance and get their onward boarding passes in the Departure Check-in Hall.   (b) If connecting to or from a budget airline flight, you need valid travel documents (passpot, visa) to clear Customs & Immigration; collect your bags & re-check-in at the Departure check-in hall of your connecting airline. 
* Singapore & SilkAir travelers may use the 24 new FAST kiosks for faster check-in processing - see Terminal 2 below.


Terminal 1 of Changi Aiport with C & D gates -  the oldest of the terminals - has completed all upgrade & extension projects, including  work in its interior to improve passenger flow, and making changes in the departure area's curbside, Check-in, Arrivals & and Transit Halls, and adding 22,000 sqm of new space.  Higher ceilings, improved lighting, better signage and inviting tropical landscaping, and a large kinetic art sculpture made for the final enhancement of T1.   Near the entrances of the check-in Hall on level 2, on opposite ends, are Skytrain connections  to T2 & T3.
T1 has 29 aerobridge gates, 5 of which are for large aircraft. This terminal has on its rooftop a swimming pool, and offers hotel-style dayrooms and more.
    The Arrivals level has baggage belts 19-16 and 20-23 on either side of the center. It also has a visitor center, Information counter and two currency exchanges. The Skytrain to T2 is near entrance 5, and to T3 near Starbucks & Door 1.
    The Departure check-in hall* offers check-in rows 8-1 and 9-14 on either side of the center, and a Premier check-in area and two departure immigration points. 
    The Departure Transit Lounge, level 2,  offers duty-free shopping, information counter, and Departure Immigration, with access to C & D gates (gates C01, 11, 15, 19, 20, 23 & C26 and gates D30, 34, 38, 40, 46 & D49) - as well as connecting via Sky train to A, B, F & E gates of T3/T2.
    The Departure Transit Lounge on level 3 houses airline lounges, an entertainment lounge, the Catus garden & a business center.
Airline Lounges at T1 - located at Departure Transit Lounge on Level 3 - serve the following airlines: 
   British Airways Lounge members of its First & Club World, Executive Club Gold & Silver, and also eligible members of Oneworld partners. 
   New British Airways Lounge with Concorde Bar is accesssible to British Airways Executive Gold & Silver members, and Oneworld frequent flyers with Emerald & Sapphire status.
   Cathay Pacific / Sky View Lounge serves its Business Class passengers & Frequent Flyer Card members & includes the following airlines & members: Air France & KLM,  Air Mauritius, Airport Angel members, Bangkok, China, Delta, OneWorld cardholders, & Platinum 'WEXAS' cardholders.
   Emirates Lounge serves its First & Business Class & Gold Skywards members.
   Qantas Singapore Lounge is for Oneworld partners & Emirates Skywards.
   SATS Premier Lounge
serves passengers of:  Air China, Air Niugini, Air Seychelles, Air Zimbabwe, China Southern, EVA Air, Japan JAL, Lion Air, Turkish, Xiamen, & Biman Bangladesh airlines.
NOTE: T1's ongoing expansion project  around the Arrivals Hall area includes a fully-automated baggage handling system in support of self-check-in & baggage drop, adding early check-in faclities and 2 arrival baggage carousels. Consequently, retail dining outlets in the departure hall ceased operation to allow for check-in row construction.  Also new ground transport facilities & pedestrian link bridges are to be added - all to be completed by 2019.)

Terminal 2 of Changi Aiport with F & E gates
-an LCC terminal (for low-cost carriers) - has six levels, with its services & amenities located within its central complex. It has 35 aerobridge gates, 6 of which are for large aircraft. Its upgrade work now provides for lush greenery (including themed colorful gardens with fishpond & glass sculptures), to bring in more light and free up space for more shops and restaurants. The Premier Check-in Lounge for airlines served by SATS opened recently.
Departing Singapore Airlines or SilkAir passengers may now use FAST automated check-in kiosks.
    The Departure Check-in Hall has check-in rows 1 - 12, and two  Departure Immigration points.
    The Departure Transit Lounge on level 2 offers food & drink and retail concessions, has access to gates E1, 10 & E12 (south), E20 &28 (east), and to gates  F30, 33, 37, 40, 42 & F42 (south) and F50 & 60 (west).
    The Departure Transit Lounge on Level 3 houses airline lounges, i-Connect, an entertainment deck and the sunflower garden.
The Skytrain to T1 & T3 departs from the western-most edge of the terminal, near the 'Guardian Health' kiosk.
Singapore & SilkAir passengers will be able to use the new  24 APC /'FAST' kiosks (Fast & Seamless Travel) intended to shorten the check-in process. Passengers with check-in  bags need to get their boarding pass & baggage tags at the kiosks, then drop bags at designated counters - while those with carry-on bags may print out bording pass and proceed to departure immigration.   Online check-in passengers may also skip the counter.
Airline Lounges at T2 are located in the Departure Transit Lounge at Level 3:
- MAS Golden Lounge is for passengers of Malaysia Airlines Business Class & for Frequent Flyer Card members.
- SA SilverKris Lounge is for All Star Alliance members (First & Business Class); and for SilkAir Business Class & Economy Class members with PPS membership card.
- SATS Premier Lounge serves members of:  Air India /Business Class;  Etihad /Business Class & Gold card holders;  Hainan Airlines /Business Class;  Korean Air /First & Business Class & Frequent Flyer cardmembers;  Lao Airlines passengers; and Royal Brunei /Busienss Class & Gold Card members.
NOTE:  Ongoing T2 expansion will add 70 percent of additional floor space at Arrivals - and linking T2 to the 'Jewel' building  - both of which are under construction, soon to be completed.

Terminal 3 of Changi Aiport with A & B gates has a capacity to handle 22 million passengers a year. It has 28 airbridge gates, 8 of which are for include 8 for large aircraft. The 'Green Wall' is a five-level garden, spanning across the main building, and can be viewed from both Departure and Arrivals Halls.  The Basement level houses food & drink and retail concessions, connecting to the Arrivals Hall of level 1.
    The Arrivals Hall on Level 1 has baggage belts 41 - 48.
    The Departures Hall on Level 2 has check-in Rows 1-11.
    The Departure Transit Lounge on Level 2  has gates A1-A8 (north) &  A9, 15, 16, 20 & A21- (west) and gates B1-B4 (north) & B5 &-B10 (east) with connection to C gates - served by the Skytrain (if walking it takes from B to C gates 9 mins; from B to gate A9 11 mins and from A9 to A14 another 9 mins.
    The Departure Transit Lounge on level 3 houses the Airline & VIP lounges,  while the other half of this level houses amenities, including a movie theater & a transit hotel; 
The Skytrain to Terminals 1 & 2 is near Kim Joo Guan & check-in row 11.
Airline Lounges at T3 are located in the Departure Transit Lounge at Level 3:
 - Dnata Lounge is for (a) Garuda Indonesia Business Class passengers & Economy class passengers wih Platinum Frequent Flyer card;  (b) Qatar Airways Business Class  & Economy passengers holding Gold & Silver cards.  (c) SriLankan Airlines Business Class & Economy class holders of Gold Frequent Flyer card.  (d) For Veloce Logistics.
 - KrisFlyer Gold Lounge is for its departing Elite Gold members,  for Star Alliance Gold members, and for Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold Card holders flying on SQ.
 - SATS Premier Lounge is for passengers of Asiana; and for First & Business Class members of  China Eastern, Jet Airways, Saudi Arabian, United & Vietnam airlines.
 - SIA Silverkris Lounge is for passengers of (a) Singapore Airlines First & Business Class, and Economy class holders of PPS membership card; (b) Star Alliance First & Business Class passengers; (c) Silk Air Business Class & Economy Class.
 - Part of the 'Jewel' project, a large new world-class play attraction with gardens in air conditoned comfort opened June 2017.

New Terminal 4 (T4) located at the southern end of the Airport: As of Aug. 20, 2017, T4 is open to the local public for preview whereupon soon thereafter official opening of T4 will take place.  T4 accommodates 16M passengers annually and offers a seamless check-in and boarding process. T4 is to have two multi-level carparks, a 2-level taxi holding area, vehicle & predestian bridges and a 68-meter high control tower.  A new road directd taffic from T4 to East Coast Parkway. The 160,000 sq.meter, 2-level T4, houses regional full-service & low-cost airlines, and is intended primarily for narrow-body aircraft for quick turnaround flights.  An overhead bridge spans across the Concourse transporting passengers to aircraft stands. Transfer passengers and their bags will connect in the secured area to the other terminals. T4 has the same look & ambience as T1 & T2. All boarding gates are accessible via airbridges. T4 has a centralized departure & immigration control, self-tagging & self-baggage drops, and a fully automated baggage sorting system. It will also get its own multi-level carpark.  T4's facial recognition system covers self-service & automated options for check-in, baggage tagging, immigration clearance & aircraft boarding - no need for manual security check.   Already, the following airlines have been approved for T4:  Cathay Pacific, AirAsia Berhad, Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia, Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines.

JetQuay CIP Terminal next to T2 is a small elite terminal privately run, accessible to all passengers of any airline and any class traveling through the terminals. It provides private check-in, baggage handling & immigration clearance services.

Services and amenities inside Changi Airport's passenger terminals:  Information & Customer Service Counters (call toll-free from Singapore for T1 at 1800 542 9727; for T2 at 1800 542 9792; for T3 at 1800 6307 8555; no toll-free call for Budget Terminal, call (65) 6412 750). Other services and amenities include Hotel Reservation Counters, Passenger Meeting Services., Internet & Business Services, Currency Exchanges & ATM machines, Singapore Visitors Center, Postal & Telecommunication Services, Medical & Pharmacy Services., Baby care rooms, Left Luggage,  prayer rooms, Smoking Areas, Leisure and Entertainment areas, and food & drink, retail & tax-free concessions.