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Syracuse Hancock Airport ( SYR ) Terminal Map Information

Syracuse Hancock Airport Terminal Map Overview

Syracuse Hancock SYR Terminal Map SYR Main Terminal SYR Terminal A SYR Terminal B


The Main Passenger Terminal of Syracuse Hancock Airport is partitioned from the center core on level 1 by  North Terminal B & South Terminal A, each with their own baggage claim, ticket counters and Concourse.
NOTE: All passengers must now pass through security check located in the center of the Main Terminal.
    Level 1 of the passenger terminal, at the Main entrance, the center core houses rental car counters, coffee & gift shop, an Information counter and stairs & escalator to all gates.  Beyond the escalator area is a childrens play area, rainwater harvesting viewing area and two conference rooms.
   To the left of the center core are the North Terminal B facilities: ticket counters, baggage carousels A & B, baggage claim offices, military room, taxi & hotel information. Delta & United are using Terminal B baggage claim & North Concourse B gates.
   To the right of the center core are the South Terminal A facilities: ticket counters, baggage carousels C & D, baggage claim offices, & taxi & hotel information.  Air Canada, Allegiant, American, JetBlue, & U.S. Airways are using Terminal A baggage claim & South Concourse A gates.
    Level 2 is the departure level with central security checkpoint leading to  A & B gates. (This level  also has direct access to the  Parking Garage via 2 pedestrian bridges at each end.)
       North Concourse B with gates 20 to 27 is served by Air Canada, Allegiant, American & JetBlue. It houses a laptop work area, restaurant & gift shop.
       South Concourse A with gates 1 to 15 is served by Delta & United. It houses a laptop work area,  restaurant & access to Customs (gate 15 is southeast of gate 1, with the Veronica Room, gate 15  and an outdoor patio nearby). 
The Military courtesy room is available for active-duty military personnel. (tel. 315-455-3440) or contact via e-mail: - or visit

- Recently, a
number of new food & drink and retail concessions have been added to the terminal.  
- A new art program - Emerson @ SYR - is to ultimately become an art gallery, both for viewing & for purchasing. 
- All Paradies gift shops at U.S. Airport now offer 'Read & Return' - if returning the book with receipt within 6 months to any Paradies locations, you receive 50 percent refund - or purchase a returned book at 50% discount.

Current airlines serving Syracuse Airport: 
Air Canada - tel. 888-247-2262,
Allegiant - tel. 702-505-8888
American - tel. 800-433-7300
JetBlue - 800-538-2583
United - tel. 800-241-6522
It is also served by smaller airlines, including:  Comair, CommutAir, Allegheny, Mesa, Trans States, Colgan Air, Piedmont, Chautauqua, and Shuttle America.