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Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport ( ANC ) Terminal Map Information

Ted Stevens Anchorage ANC Terminal Map ANC North Terminal ANC South Terminal


The Terminal Complex of Anchorage Airport; Getting around; International Arrivals; Visitor Info Centers; Current Airlines, TERMINAL DETAILS:  North & South Terminals; Visitor Info Centers & Other Services inside the terminals:

The passenger terminal complex of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport consists of two terminals - the domestic  North Terminal (with N gates) and the international South Terminal (with A, B, C & L Gates)
:  As both North & South terminals serve some international flights - passengers may arrive at one terminal and depart from another (airline assignments are listed below for each of the two terminals - however, double check with your airline).

Getting around :
Aside from a landside inter-terminal walkway between the two terminals, located at the baggage level (no airside connections are available), a free shuttle bus runs - upon request - between the terminals.
International Arrivals need to go through passport check, pick up baggage and - go through customs clearance - and,  if continuing journey - re-checkin bags where indicated.
Visitor Information Centers:
      At the South Terminal (tel. 907-266-2860) terminal on Level 1 baggage claim, & in Concourse C, behind the escalators; and a kiosk is on Level 1, Concourse A, across from baggage carousel 4 - staffed when required.
      At the North Terminal (tel. 907-266-2657) in the lobby, staffed during scheduled flight arrivals.


The North Terminal
(NT) is used mostly for international flights  - currently served by Condor (arriv/depart onThurs), Icelandair (arriv Sun /Wed), JAL Japan, Korean Air,  & Yakutia airlines - at N gates.  It houses international arrivals facilities; it has three levels.
Level 1 houses the baggage claim area, check-in counters for summer seasonal airlines JAL, Korean & Yakutia,  ticketing  offices, Information counter, parking pay station, ATM machines, and separate Customs screening & baggage area.
    Level 2 houses gates N1-N8, reached after security screening. An ATM machine and duty-free shop is between N5 & N6.
    Level 3 houses the following lounes:   Smoking, Denali VIP & Turnagain VIP lounges.

The South Terminal
(ST) is used mostly for domestic flights and has gates L, A, B & C - served currently year-round by Alaska, American, Condor (Depart.Tue,Sat,Sun) , BP/ConocoPhillips, Delta, Grant Aviation, Icelandair dep. Mon & Thur) , JetBlue, PenAir, Ravn Alaska, Sun Country, TransNorthern & United; and in Summer by Air Canada, American, Condor, Frontier, Icelandair, JetBlue, Sun Country & Virgin America.
The South Terminal has four levels: Level 0, 1, 2 & 3 - with L gates on level 2 of the main terminal, and Concourses /gates A, B & C on levels 1 & 2. 
   Level 0 can be reached by escalator near the Information counter. After the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame you have access to the parking garage, and a connector to the railroad depot and the rental car center.
   Level 1 is the Arrivals level with baggage claim, baggage offices, baggage cold storage, *the Atwood Military Lounge (see details at end), Information counter,  ATM, Parking payment station, Transportation lobby (with outside isle for taxis  & North Terminal rental car shuttles) and escalators up to level 2. Level 1- at the left end -also houses Concourse A and gates L1 & 2 near Cafe del Mundo.
        Concourse A on level 1 has gates A10-16 - with nearby gates L1 & L2 between the airline baggage offices of Alaska & Pen Air);
   Level 2 is the departures level, served outside by the Departure Lane, and inside by airline check-in counters and other services, with access after security check to B & C gates.  Check-in counters are at both sides of the center: 
   To the right are check-in counters for Alaska year-round service, with 6 E-ticket check-in kiosks; and a small summer seasonal check-in area for Air Canada, American, Frontier, Icelandair & Virgin America.
   to the left are check-in counters for year-round service of Delta, United & US Airways and  for seasonal service of Condor, jetBlue & Sun Country; and the right end are check-in counters for ConocoPhillips Era, PenAir & Grant Aviation.
       Concourse B on level 2 has gates B1-B9; and houses the new Alaska Outfitters Store near baggage claim 5.
       Concourse C on level 2 has gates C1-C9 is the Alaska Airline Concourse, and houses new Sushi-on-the-Fly (Asian food), a new Kiok bar, a new Boutique store & a tea/ candy/ bookstore. A new lounge is under construction at mezzanine.
   Level 3 is the mezzanine level - exhibiting Native Art - it can be reached from from the gate area before gate C1. It now has a new lounge.

Visitor Information Centers are stationed at the following points:
- South / Domestic Terminal,  tel: (907) 266-243, in the lower Arrivals level and staffed 9am-4pm, seven days a week.
- North / International Terminal, tel: (907) 266-2657 (in the lobby and staffed 9am-4pm, seven days a week during scheduled flight arrivals.
- North / International Terminal, tel. (907) 248-0162 (in the transit lounge, for international transit passengers).
Other services within the terminals include a collection of Alaska Native Art display, baggage & freezer storage, and Wi-Fi access. Skycap service is provided by United Airlines. For all other airlines use porter service. Porters are at the first set of doors as you approach the departure ramp at the South Terminal (daily 4a.m. to midnight). Food & drink, as well as shops are available on all levels and Concourses of the terminals.Norton Sound Seafood House has recently been extended;  new kiosks /vending machine for toiletries & cosmetics are near gate C2.
    * The Atwood Military Lounge in the South Terminal, level 1, is available to service members & their families, open daily from 0800 to 2400. Military I.D. is required. It offers snacks, drinks and a playroom for children. Tel: 907-248-2535.