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Tokyo Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal Layout & transfers, International Arrival & Departure Procedures; Terminal Details:

Tokyo-Haneda Airport has three passenger terminals - Domestic T1 & T2 and the International Terminal. 
Domestic Terminals T1 & T2 are connected by underground walkway;  the International Terminal is located across from Terminal 1 and the 'A' Runway, and has an underground station for the Keikyu Airport Line, and a level 3 station for the Tokyo Monorail. (While the Keikyu Line's next stop is between Terminals 1 & 2, the Monorail makes separate stops at T1 & T2). The Monorail runs between Haneda  Airport & Tokyo's Hamamatsucho Station.  A transit hotel is in the International Terminal's secured transit area.
Multi-language Information Guide from QR Tranlator via QR code: launche the QR reader in your smart phone and hold its camera over the QR code  (it's the sticker with 3 large squares & scrambled space filler) - getting an onsceen multi-language information guide.  Available hotspots: at Haneda Nihonbashi, at Festival Plaza & at TIAT Sky Road.
International Arrivals arrive at level 2, gates 109 - 113, of the International Terminal (IT), where they go through Immigration, pick up their bags at baggage claim,  go through Customs inspection (Plant & Animal Quarantene is on either side of Customs) and proceed to the Arrivals Lobby,  where the Keikyu Line & Monorail are on opposite sides of the entrance gates.  International arrivals continuing their journey later may now take advantage of the new transit hotel, forgoing passport control procedures.
   Transferring from International flights to a domestic flight gives you 4 choices: a free shuttle bus, the Keikyu line or the Monorail or ANA service: (a) If choosing the free shuttle bus: present at the information counter on level 2 both your passport and boarding pass, to obtain a free bus ticket to your connecting terminal (Shuttle Bus, stop 0, on level 1);  (b) for the Keikyu line get your transfer ticket, and board;  (c) for the Monorail, get your transfer ticket and get off the train either on the second stop (Terminal 1) or third stop (Terminal 2). (d) All Nippon Airways offers free ANA Flight Connection buses running every 10-15 minutes between domestic & international terminals - no security check needed.
International Departures depart from level 3. After check-in procedure passengers go through security check and through Departure Immigration, before continuing on to their boarding gates 109 - 113.
Transfer to Narita Airport: Take the Keikyu Line' Limited Express' to Stop 40 (5 stops) and change to the 'Access Express' to Stop 99 (4 stops).

TERMINAL DETAILS for Domestic terminals 1 & 2 & International Terminal.

Domestic Terminal 1
‘Big Bird’ with 8-levels: Current Airlines:  Japan Airlines and Japan Airlines- operated by J-Air, JAL Express, & Japan Transocean Air; and by Skymark & StarFlyer (to Fukuoka & Kitakyushu).  Note that JAL serves particular regional flights in either the North or South Wing:
- Serving North Wing: JAL (to Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Tokai & Kinki); and SKY Skymark;
- Serving South Wing: JAL (to Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, & Okinawa; JTA Japan Transocean Air; & SFJ Starflyer to Kyushu.
T1 has a six-level restaurant & shopping area in its center, as well as an observation deck on its rooftop. Both the Monorail and the Keikyu Line are located on level B1F (basement), as well as Meeting Points ‘Tower of the Sun / Moon’ on each side of the Information desk, 5 Food & Drink establishments, 2 shoe-shine booths and one shoe repair area.
   Level 1 of T1 is the Arrivals level divided into North & South areas:  The North area houses baggage claims 7 - 12 with a Meeting Point North, a bank branch, currency exchange, road traffic information and other services.  The South area houses baggage claims 1 - 6, with a Meeting Point South, JAL baggage check-in, Information counter, road traffic information, & Limo Bus tickets., along with other services, including bus ticket counters, bank branches and baggage trolleys.
   Level 2 of T1 is the Departure level, divided into North & South areas at either side of the center.  The North Wing offers check-in facilities for  JAL & SKY, security checkpoints G - E, leading to gate Lounges 15-16, and central gate lounges 11-14.  The South Wing offers JAL-JTA & SFJ check-in facilities, leading to Gate Lounges 9 & 10 .  Both North & South Wings near the entrances offer a variety of arrivals-related services, including banking facilities.
   Level 3 of T1 is the Atrium , with pedestrian bridges to Parking P1& P2 , as well as the North & South Terrace Restaurants, which are accessible from level 2's departure lobby via escalator.  The Atrium extends over levels 4, 5 & 6.
   Level 6 of T1 houses both Halls Orion & Sirius, the Sky Gallery, and the Hall Galaxy with observation decks on either side.
   The Roof houses another observation deck.

Airport/Airline Lounges at Domestic Terminals:
Sakura & Diamond Premier lounges are at both South & North Wings of level 3.

Domestic Terminal 2 
with six-levels is currently served by the following airlines: ANA (except Kitakyushu), ADO Air Do; SNA Solaseed Air, and SFJ Star Flyer to Fukuoka, Yamaguchi Ube, & Kansai Airport.
T2 has a six-level ‘marketplace’ with restaurants & shops, as well as the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyo with 387 rooms. The basement floor B1F houses the train stations. The south side of T2's  Annex has recently been expanded and adds more lobby space with comfortable seating, shortened distances to south side gates, with added passport control gates and baggage claim areas.
   Level 1 of T2 is the Arrivals level, divided into baggage claims at either side of the the center, with meeting points South & North.  Services include road traffic information, limo & bus tickets, vending machine, transportation information, banking facility, a clinic, and bus ticket counter. 
   Level 2 of T2 is the Departure level - divided between North & South Wings:  The North Wing offers ANA check-in counters, while the South Wing offers ANA counters and a counter for SFJ, SNA & ADO airlines.  After security check, passengers can proceed to the boarding area with gates 59-65.
   Level 3 of T2 has pedestrian bridges to parking P3 & P4 on either end. 
   Levels 4 & 5 of T2:  Level 4 is partitioned between services for Women & Men; Level 5 houses the observation deck.

International Terminal (IT) with 6-levels is served by All Nippon & Japan Airlines and a long list of international airlines:  Its call center (tel.. 03-6428-0888 /fax 0889) handles all airport-related inquiries, and inside information phones connect directly to it 24/7. Three Information Counters in the terminal handle wheelchair & stroller rentals, paging and more.  Tourist Information is available at Arrivals Lobby, at level 2 and on internet terminals.
The International Terminal recently added another 7,600 square meters -  including an annex at terminal's north side;  two more gates and a second security check .  An Islamic worship area at the departure lobby was added and the wall liquid crystal display screen near boarding gates reflects world heritage sites. 
Public areas inside IT are available at: Level 1's Entrance Plaza;  Level 2's Arrivals Lobby; Level 3's Departure Lobby;  Level 4's EDO Ko-Ji; and Level 5's Tokyo Pop Town.
   Level 1 of IT is the Entrance Plaza, with outside bus platform for priority passengers; an area for departing bus gates 131-139 and arriving bus gates to the international departure area; a free shuttle bus to Domestic Terminal, and areas for tour buses, bus loading, taxi loading.
   Level 2 of IT is the Arrivals level from gates 105 -114 & North gates147&148. It houses the Arrivals Lobby with baggage claim. Escalators lead to transportation options (monorail, Keikyu Line, buses & tour buses); a walkway outside leads to to International Parking. The Arrivals lobby houses Information desks, separate desks for domestic & international connecting flights, currency exchange, & other services; as well as two airline arrival lounges.
   Level 3 of IT is the Departures level with an information counter in the center: behind it are escalators to the Access Hall, with 2 Prayer rooms to the left,  and escalators to the left & right to Tour counters. Past the Information counter, the area is divided into Clock Tower Tsuki with check-in countes A - E, and Clock Tower Fuji with check-in counters G - L. Near check-in counter L is access to the hotel and to Departure Immigration Procedures North & Center.  Separate elevators & escalators  take you to gates 112-114, 109-111, 131-139,  115-108, and to gates 145-146 - with separate security points.
The International Departures lobby offers currency exchange, information desk, a kids' corner, vending machines, duty-free & other shops. The Sky Lounge A is near the entrance to the gates. Beyond the check-in counters are two Departure & Immigration Procedure areas (Center & North). Elevators/ esclators at north concourse lead down to level 2's gates 141-148.
    Level 4 of IT  houses North & Central Lounges,  with ANA & JAL airline lounes on opposite ends, and access to the Sky & Tiat lounges.  ( and Edo Market Place, Edo Ko-Ji, Edomae Yokocho, Edo Butai, Haneda Nihonbashi, Okonami Yokocho, Hiro Koji and the Tiat Sky Mall. 
    Level 5 of IT houses the "Tokyo Pop Town" (E-Do Hall) with food & drink and stores, as well as an observation deck, and at Airside the TIAT Lounge Annex, JAL Lounge & Lounge Hall.
    Level 6 of IT houses lounges at North.

Information Counters at IT
on levels 1, 2 & 3 provide flight & terminal service information, including wheelchair, stroller or baby carriage rentals, and provide paging services.  The information call center can be reached at 03-6428 0888 /fax 0889. Information staff is recognizable by their green blazers.   Information phones which show  the letter 'i' are on each of levels 1 through 5.
The new Transit Hotel at IT - accessible directly from the transit area (past gate 114) - offers passengers a room with shower facility in the secured (airside) area of the terminal - eliminating the need to clear passport control.  
Lounges at IT: Lounges North & Central are on level 4; Lounges North are both on levels 5 & 6.
- The Common Airline Lounge: on level 4, beyond passport control.
- JAL Lounges: Sakura & JAL Global Club (JGC) counter on level 4; Sakura Skyview on level 5; First- & Diamond Premier-class counters are on level 2, South Wing.
- ANA lounges: on level 4, available to eligible travelers of ANA & Star Alliance member airlines.
- Cathay Pacific: new departure lounge on level 6 - for up to 190 persons.
- Sky Lounges: at International Departures, level 4, center, tel. 03-6428-0752 - until mid-March 2017 it is under renovation - use Sky Lounge Annex: at North. tel. 03-6428-0680.
- TIAT Lounge:  at International Departures, level 4, Center, tel. 03-6428-0752; TIAT Lounge Annex at level 5, North. tel: 03-6428-0680.
- Deluxe Lounge VIP Room: at level 3: a multi-purpose area with 4 reception rooms serving for meetings. Tel. 03-6428 0677 /fax 0651.
- First Class Lounge: includes the'Red Suite' (with library, gallery & games room, chessboards & football table.
- Credit-card Company Lounge: on level 4, beyond passport control.
Other services at IT (except Banking, Business Services, Currency Exchange, & Lost/Found - listed separately) :
- Baggage Delivery Service:  At level 2 & 3: Sky Building Svc. tel. 03-6428 0661; and  JAL ABC tel. 0120-919-120 or 03-3545 2800 (or visit:
- Baggage storage - use coin lockers on levels 2 & 3.
- Baggage carts: carts are free, including for use from/to the railway station. Mini-carts are in the departure concourse past immigration, and can be taken to your boarding gate. 
- Bus & Train tickets are in the Arrivals Lobby, level 2.
- Cell phone rental on level 3: MobileCenter, KDDI, & Softbank
- Clinic (Toho University Haneda Airport) - level 1 - tel. 03-5708 8011.
- Internet access: Choose network /ESS-ID "HANEDA-FREE-WIFI"  - no WEP key needed; open browser indicating connection - then register name & e-mail address.
- PC Computers/ PC desks:  (a) Computers with Japanese, English, Korean & Chinese languages are available for rent.  (b) PC Desks are in the deparure gate lounge, at international-domestic transfer lobby & at departure concourse.
- Pharmacy - on level 3.
- Police Station - Outside of the International Terminal, to the right
- Porter service on level 2 is available from Japan Airport Techno - tel. 03-6428 0658.
- Rental car counters are at level 2, Arrivals Lobby.
- Shower facilities are availale in the Arrivals Lobby of level 2 (tel. 03-6428 0650
- Tourist Information Center - at Arrivals Lobby, level 2 - it provides for JR tikets, travel coupons, hotel reservations.