IAD Airport - Washington Dulles Airport ( Chantilly , VA )



Washington Dulles International Airport IAD is the larger of two major Washingon, D.C. airports and handles both domestic & international air traffic. (While Dulles Airport is actually situated in Virginia, Reagan National Airport is within short reach of the Nation's capital Washington D.C.)

IAD Airport is located within both communities of Chantilly and Dulles, Virginia, but is 26 miles west of the central business district of Washington, D.C. The Washington Capital Beltway I-495 (north to Baltimore, south to Richmond) has two new ramps leading directly into the Airport: the Dulles Access Highway is intended for Aiport connection only, while the Dulles Toll Road is intended for other commuter traffic.
With four long runways, and 22 million passengers in 2016, Washington Dulles Airport serves as East Coast hub for United Airlines, which accounts for over half of the total air traffic, and is served by a multitude of domestic and international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.  

Ongoing Phase 2 Lane Closures: From July 6 through year-end 2017 the ramp from the eastbound Dulles Toll Road (DTR) to the Fairfax County Pkwy is being diverted through the Hemdon-Monroe Park & Ride parking lot.  Please observe speed limit of 35 mph along the detour.  The 24/7 emergency hotline for the Metrorail Project construction is 844-385-7245; for general project information call 703-572-0506 or visit www.dullesmetro.com

 - Frontier Airlines added in 2017 4 weekly services services to Austin (TX), and daily flights to Denver. Other Frontier destinations include Colorado Springs, & Las Vegas.
 - Air India started July 2017 with service to/from Delhi. 

Washington Dulles International Airport has a large Main Passenger Terminal and Midfield Concourses A/B and C/D.  (For detailed terminal information open 'Terminal Map' and scroll down to the text; for Parking information open 'Parking Map'; for transportation open 'Transportation: Buses /Trains'.

   Current airlines 
serving Dulles Airport, listed alphabetically with telephone number (3 airlines per line):
Aer Lingus, 800-474-7424;  Aeroflot 888-686-4949 /202-499-5929;  AeroMexico, 800-237-6639;
Air Canada, 888-247-2262;  Air China, 800-882-8122;  Air France, 800-237-2747
Air India, 800-223-7776,  Alaska, 800-252-7522;  American, 800-433-7300;  
ANA All Nippon, 800-235-9262,  Austrian, 800-843-0002;  Avianca, 800-284-2622; 
British Airways, 800-247-9297;  Brussels, 866-208-2230;  Copa, 800-359-2672; 
Delta, 800-221-1212;  Emirates, 800-777-3999;  Ethiopian, 800-445-7233;
Etihad, 876-690-0767;  Frontier, 800-432-1359;  Icelandair, 877-435-9423; 
JetBlue, 800-538-2583;  KLM Royal Dutch, 800-225-2525;  Korean, 800-438-5000;
LATAM, 866-645-8526;  Lufthansa, 800-645-3880;  Porter 3, 888-618-8622;
Qatar, 877-777-2827;  Royal Air Maroc, 800-472-8342;  SAS Scandinavion, 800-221-2350;
Saudi, 800-472-8342;  South African; 800-7222-9675;  Southwest, 800-435-9792; 
Turkish, 800-874-8875;  United/ United Express, 800-864-8331;  
Virgin America, 877-359-8474;   Virgin Atlantantic, 800-862-8621.

NOTE:  The AP now accepts the free Mobile Passport App in all of its Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities - allowing U.S. & Canadian passport holders (with B1 or B2 visa status) to save their profiles securely on the smartphone, submit them electronically, and  upon Terminal arrival, proceed directly to dedicated lanes for expedited CBP processing. 

Present and Future Airport Developments: 
 - Concourse Z is to be expanded.
 - Presently, the AeroTrain System operates underground on dual track and runs between Main Terminal and Concourses A, B, & C only - while Concourse D is still served by shuttle buses. Its temporary C-Gate station is beneath the site for a future Concourse, ultimately replacing the present C/D Concourse.   No completion date is yet available.
- After another delay, by 2019 the Silver line of the Dulles Metro Rail is to reach Dulles Airport . 
- A fifth runway is in the planning stages. The East-West Runway with 10,500 feet in length, would be parallel to runway 12-30.

45020 Aviation Drive
Chantilly, VA 20166
Website: http://flydulles.com/iad/dulles-international-airport
Contact: http://www.flydulles.com/iad/comments-dulles-international-airport
Phone: (703) 572 2700