Washington Dulles Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Picking Up/Dropping Off Passengers at the Main Terminal
To pick up arriving passengers, drivers should follow signs to the Arrivals Level curbside. Arriving passengers proceed from Baggage Claim up a ramp and outside to the Arrivals Level curbside to meet transportation.
Free Cell Phone Waiting Area - Visitors are encouraged to use this area as an alternative to parking facilities while waiting in vehicles to pick up passengers. Alternatively, parking in all parking areas is free if you exit within 10 minutes after entering.

Pay & Go is a new automated system designed for quick and easy exiting from the parking facilities at Dulles Airport. PAY & GO is available in all Daily, Hourly and Economy parking areas. Pay & Go machines are located in the lower level of the Terminal near the east and west exit doors and on the pedestrian bridge, which connects the Terminal to the Daily Parking Garage.

Hourly Parking Lot: - located directly in front of the Main Terminal within walking distance. Ideal for stays of less than 2 hours. Fees:
Each hr or fraction thereof - $4
Daily max (24 hrs) - $36

Valet Parking Lot: - located within the Hourly Parking Lot, also directly in front of Main Terminal. No reservations necessary. Tel: 703-572-4540. Fees:
First 24 hrs -$30
Each add'l day - $19

Daily Garages 1 and 2: - Both garages are connected to the Main Terminal by covered walkways. Free Shuttle Service 24/7. Easy vehicle access from the circular roadway in front of the Main Terminal. Fees:
Each half hr or fraction threof - $4
Daily max (24 hrs) - $17

Economy Parking Lot: - includes the Blue, Green, Gold and Purple sections. Located away from the Main Terminal and served by free shuttles 24/7. The lot is easily accessed from the Dulles Access Highway. Follow the signs to "Economy Parking." Fees:
Each hr or fraction thereof $5
Daily max (24 hrs.) - $10

Payment Methods: At Pay & Go machines or at the vehicle exit pay by: Cash, American Express, Diners, Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa.

Notice to all Patrons using Dulles Parking Lots: - Vehicles parked in any parking lot for more than 45 days will be towed at the owner's risk and expense. Towing: $125.00; Storage: $15.00 per 24-hour period. Towing fee may be greater if performed by a third-party contractor.

Vehicle Height Restrictions:
Hourly Lot is 10' 6"
Daily Garages are 8' 2"
Economy Lot is 14'

Dulles Parking Customer Service (703) 572-4500. The following services are available at this number, from your shuttle driver, or from call boxes in the parking lots: (a) general questions about lots and rates; (b) Jump Start and air for low tires; Vehicle location service.

Parking for Persons with Disabilities
Handicapped-accessible parking is provided in the Hourly lot, the Daily Parking Garages on the first level, and at the Economy parking lots in spaces adjacent to the shuttle bus stops. Disabled-Accessible courtesy shuttle service is available between the Economy parking lots and the Main Terminal by calling (703) 572-4500. This service may also be requested in the Economy parking lots by using Customer Assistance Call Boxes.

Call boxes are available on all levels of the Daily Garages and at the following Economy lot shuttle stops:
Parking lot Shuttle stop locations with a call box
BLUE 3, 5, 7, and 9
GREEN 11, 14, 15, 16, and 18
GOLD 19, 21, 25, and 26
PURPLE 1, 3, 4, 6, and 8

Washington Dulles ( IAD ) Airport Parking Map

Washington Dulles IAD airport parking map

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