Internet Access at Washington Dulles IAD Airport

Free WiFi is provided in the Terminal and concourse areas. Our complimentary WiFi network is identified as: "FlyDulles"
Step 1: Turn on your WiFi enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone and navigate to your WiFi settings. Select the FlyDulles network and a "splash screen" will appear.
Step 2: Enter your Email Address and Zip/Postal Code. Note: International Customers can select “Yes” to bypass entering the Zip/Postal Code.
Step 3: Review and accept the Wi-Fi Terms & Conditions by clicking “Connect”. To send us your feedback or report locations with a weak signal, please take a moment and complete an online feedback form.   For technical questions, please contact   Free Charging stations for electronic devices are avalable in each of the concourss and in the food court near gage B73.