Check-in Kiosks

Airlines and airports have made things easier and faster for flyers to check in for their flight through various check in options. Apart from online check in and mobile phone check in, passengers can also check in through airline kiosks. Also known as airport check in kiosks, they are self service devices that are simple to use and convenient, making it possible for flyers to check in any time on the day of departure. The self service check in machines transact in different languages including English, German, Spanish, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Japanese, French and Portuguese.

Passengers can use the airline kiosks to:
- Change their seats or flights
- Check in their bags or luggage
- Report lost bags or luggage
- Purchase tickets
- Print their ticket receipts
- Update their information, if they are frequent passenger of the airline
- Find information regarding return flights

The self service airport check in kiosks are situated in various parts depending on the airport. They can be mostly found in the check in area of the airline, at the lands-side ferry terminal or any other place assigned by the airport.

Passengers need to confirm that they have their flight confirmation number, baggage or bags for check in and National Identity Card, i.e. the one issued by the government, before leaving for the airport. Other things like credit cards or frequent flyer cards/numbers can also be brought along to aid in the identification process during check in.

How to use airline kiosks for airport check in:
- Tap the touch screen lightly and push button on the screen
- Search for the barcode (flight information code or ticket number or frequent) flyer information/number. This is for identification purposes. Passengers can also use their credit cards but no charges are involved
- Once found, the passenger's name and itinerary will come up
- Select the name or name of the passenger or passengers check in using the computer keyboard feature on the screen
- Enter the number of bags for check in
- Make any desired changes in the itinerary
- Press the 'enter' button to confirm flight information
- The boarding pass or passes as well as receipts are then printed by the kiosks.
- Take the receipt(s) and boarding pass(es)
- Leave checked bags at the baggage drop off point
- Head on for security check

A customer service official will typically, place tags on passengers' bags or luggage before the check in process. The check in process is completed as soon as one receives their receipt(s) and boarding pass(es). The check in process is made easier by the simple instructions given on the airline kiosks screens. Customer Service officials are always available to offer assistance as far as the airport check in kiosks are concerned, which in turn means that anyone, including first timers, can enjoy the benefit of convenience that the self service check in machine offers.