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Public Transportation from Beijing Airport by Bus (Shuttle, Local & Coach) or Train:

By Bus: 
For local buses call 0086-10-64573891 / 64594376 / 64594375;  for coaches call 0086-10-64558718Ticket offices are available at T2, outside gates 1 - 3 on level 1; at  T3 outside of gate 1 on level 1.
Bus Lines 1 to 14 serve Fangzhuant, Xidan, Beijing Railway, Golgzhufen, Zhongguancun,ShangDi & Olympic Village, Beijing West Railway Station, Huilongguan,  Tongzhou, Beijing South Railway Station,  Yizhuang, Sihui, Wangfujing Jinbao Street & Wangjin.
Local Buses from BCIA:  (Ticket Offices are located at T1, gate 7, inside on F1;  at T2, gate 11 (outside) on F1;  at T3, gates 7 & 9 (outside) on F1.)
- Line 1 from T2 to Cherry Garden; Line 1 Shuttle Service from T3 to Cherry Garden
- Line 2 (transfer to subway line 15) from T2 to Dongdaqiao roundabout, Shunyi District
- Line 3 (transfer to subway line 15) from T2 to Kuliushu roundabout, Shunyi District
- Line 5 (transfer to subway line 15) from T3 to Zhaoquanying
- Line 6 (transfer to subway line 15) from T2t o Beishicao, Shunyi District
- Line 8 (transfer to subway line 15) from T3 to Longwantun, Shunyi District
- Line 9 to Tongzhou Route from T3 to Wuxiongsi, Shunyi District.
- Bus routes departing from  T2 to Xingangzhuangyuan, Jinhanlvgang, Kuliushu Roundabout and Zhaoquanying of the Shunyi District are also available.

By Train:  The light-rail station for the Airport Express Line of the Beijing Subway is at Terminal 3's Transportation Center.
- The Airport Express railway stations
are on level B2 of garage P2, and on level F2 at garage P3. The Airport Express runs every 12 minutes and makes 4 stops at Dongzhimen & Sanyuanqiao in Beijing (shown on subway map in purple color). The trip takes about 30 mins.  Passengers can transfer to Lines 2 & 13 at Dongzhimen and to line 10 at Sanyuanqiao.
- Beijing City has three railway stations 
- Bejing Railway Station, West Railway Station & Beijing South Station.  NOTE: From the South Station you can take the high-speed railway connecting to Shanghai Hongquiao, a 4-hour trip.

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