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Beijing Capital Airport:  Important Notices;  Terminal Complex & terminal-to-terminal transfers;  'Getting Around' at Capital Airport /T3 Arrivals & Transfers);  TERMINAL DETAILS (T1. T2, T3);  Services /Amenities; and Important Airport Telephone Numbers: 

Important Notices: 
The Airport hotline is 96158.
- Transfer passengers -
A 24-hr visa-exemption applies to all transfer passengers, regardless of where they come from.
- A one-stop check-in service program for transfer passengers is now in place. 
- China offers a 72-hour no-Visa Entry Policy for eligible passengers (including U.S. citizens).
- Baggage storage is available at T2 between gates 8 & 10, & at T3 (east side of exit A of Arrivals Hall, level 2).
- Terminal 3's transportation center has a light-rail station for the Airport Express Line of the Beijing Subway.
- Domestic long-distance calls are free for the first 3 minutes at one of the 700 multi-media public phones in the terminals.
- Minimum connection times for (a) international flight transfers of T2 is 100 minutes; (b) for domestic flight transfers of T2 it is 60 minutes.
- Beijing flight arrivals are notoriously delayed - no fault of airlines or airport - it's the dense FOG!

THE TERMINAL COMPLEX at Beijing Capital International (BCIA) includes three passenger terminals - T1, T2 and  T3 (the Dragon Terminal). T1 & T2 are close to each other, while T3 is southeast of T2. Separate exits are to be used at 'Capital Airport 2d Expressway' - one for T1 & T2, and one for T3. Each of the three terminals has its own parking garage.
    Terminal-to-Terminal Transfers:  Free inter-terminal shuttles run
between the three terminals 6am to 11pm every 10 mins; and between 11pm and 6 am every 15-30 mins). They stop at T1 outside gate 7of level 1); at T2 outside gate 7 of level 1; and at T3 at gate 5 of level 1.  The Route starts at T3, level 1, gate 5 and continues to  T2's departure level; T1's departure level;  T2's Arrivals Level, gate 11;  T1's arrivals level, gate 7; and T3's Departure level.  

Getting Around at Capital Airport / T3 Arrivals & Transfers):
International Arrivals /onward travel:  Passengers arrive at Terminal 3, Concourse E (T3-E), go through Passport Inspection & Quarantine, and submit to the Immigration officer their completed Entry Registration Card with valid passport & visa for inspection. Thereafter, they proceed to take the elevator down to level 2 and board the APM people mover, arriving at the international baggage claim area on level 2 of T3-C.  There they complete the customs declaration form, and are free to exit the terminal.  (Passenger pickup is at Exit B of the baggage claim.) 
   Passengers continuing their journey will re-check-in their bags after customs control. If  transferring from T3C to either T3D or T3E, both domestic & international passengers need to first obtain boarding passes at T3. International passengers to T3E need to board thereafter the intra-terminal train taking only 2 minutes. Inter-terminal shuttles run daily between T1, T2 & T3, 6am-10pm (every 10 mins 8am-8pm; every 20 mins other times).
 - Domestic Arrivals Procedure:
The domestic arrivals hall is on level 2 of T3-C, where passengers can access the baggage claim area & and therefter exit the terminal.  Passenger pickup is at Exit A & C of the baggage claim area. Transfers:
 - Domestic to International Transfers - Pass inspection & Quarantine; then  through Frontier (Border) Exit & Entry Inspection; then  through security check & customs inspection; and thereafter proceed to your gate area & wait for connecting flight.
 - International to Domestic Transfers  - Pass inspection & quarantine; pick up your luggage at baggage claim, go to customs inspection, transfer, go through security check, proceed to your gate area & wait for your connecting flight.
 - International to International Transfers - Arriving international passengers may transferring to another international flight may obtain their ticket at ground service transfer desk, proceed to the international-to-internatinal channel (clearly marked along the way). Ground servcie personnel collects information via border defense permit machine and affix transit affirmation sign on boarding pass. Passengers then will go through security check in closed transit channel prior to entering the boarding area and gates.
 - Air China transfer passengers arriving at BCIA from either Frankfurt, Milan or Stockholm will only need a 'one-stop' check-in service for their baggage to the final destination - they will only need to go through customs procedure and head thereafter to their conneting terminal / gate.


Terminal 1 of BCIA (T1) handles all domestic flights with K-counters, which include flights of Fuzhou FU, Grand China CN, Capital JD, Hainan HU, Tianjin GS, Spring 9C & Yunnan 8L. (A walkway connects to T2 - a 10-15 min. walk - or you can take the shuttle bus).
Terminal 2 of BCIA (T2) houses China Southern, China Eastern, EkyTeam members & many other domestic & international flights (A walkway connects to T1 - a 10-15 min. walk - or you can take the shuttle bus). The new Hainan Airlines International Lounge - divided into many different areas - opened April 2017, accommodating up to 150 visitors. 

Terminal 3 (the Dragon Terminal) of BCIA (T3)
houses Air China, members of Star Alliance and OneWorld, and domestic & international airlines not represented in T1 & T2.   Terminal 3 also has a multi-level parking Garage 3, and a Transportation Center with light-rail station for Airport Express Line subway, and  designated traffic lanes for airport buses, taxis and private vehicles.
The 7-level 'Dragon Terminal'  layout looks like two Y-shaped buildings are almost touching their base in the center, where the 'passenger express' connects the two buildings, taking four minutes between them. The terminal, with 2 underground & 5 above-ground levels, houses 66 jetways, 120 gates, has natural lighting, and is divided into three sections T3-C, T3-D & T3-E:
To determine from which section flights will depart from, passengers only need to know whether they will take international, Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan flights (at T3-E) - or domestic flights (At T3-C or T3-D). Color-coded boarding passes will guide them to the right connection - just follow the sign with the color of your boarding pass: T3-C is blue, T3-D is green & T3-E is yellow.  The APM unmanned train runs every 3 minutes between T3-C and T3-E, at level 2.
 - T3-C is for domestic flights only; except Air China, which also uses T3-D for some of its domestic flights.
     Level 4 is for check-in and domestic & international baggage claim.
     Level 3 houses Satellite Concourse T3-C. C gates surround the outside of the Y-shaped concourse: at north are gates C37-C19; at south are gates C01-C18;  In the center are gates C51-C57, reached by shuttle bus from the remote stand flight boarding hall on level 1.
     Level 2 houses domestic security check, waiting area, & departures at contact stand, as well as the APM train to international baggage claim.
 - T3-D serves a part of Air China's domestic flights; it covers an area of 30,650 sqare meters:.
     Level 3 of T3-D is the Arrivals level, with baggage claim, offering food & retail concessions, and First- & Business-class Lounges.
    Level 2 is the Departures level, with check-in counters, self-check-in kiosks, & shops & services;
    Level 1 is the passenger Security Inspection area, as well as the passenger transfer area; and
     The Ground Level is the Transportation level, used for the Mass Rapid Transit service.
  - T3-E is for international departures & arrivals, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan flights. 
Level 2 of T3-E houses Satellite Concourse T3-E - shaped like a Y - with outside gates divided into north side gates E36-E20 and south side gates E01-E19. Inside gates are divided into E62-E57 & E51-E56 on opposite sides. To reach  Gates E51-E62, take the shuttle bus on level 1 from the remote stand flight boarding hall:  Gates E51-E62.
 - Domestic Departures:  Enter T3-C doors 10 or 12 at level 4 and check in at Area H, J, K or L. Note that counters will close 45 minutes prior to airplane departure.  If you have bags to check in, present your ticket with valid ID to check-in counter & get your boarding pass, If you have an E-ticket or no bags to check in, proceed to E-ticket counter or 'No-Baggage-Counter. Thereafter, take elevator down to level 3 of T3-C, go through security check and proceed directly to the boarding area with gate C01-18 and C19-337on opposite sides of the concourse, while gates C51-54 and C55-58 are at remote-stand Flight Boarding Hall, with a shuttle bus on level 1.
  - International Departures: Enter T3-C from doors 2, 4, 6 & 8 of level 4; register at check-in areas A through H. Note that the international counters close one hour piro to scheduled airline departure.   (If needed, visit the Customs Declaration Counter between check-in D & E.)  
International passengers using flights CA153, CA155, CA175, CA177, CA903, CA905, CA923, CA953, CA957, CA977, as well as flights with domestic stopovers:  After boarding procedures, follow Guide to designated waiting area near Boarding Gates C3 /C54. Take APM train on level 2, getting off at T3-E, level 2; take elevator up to level 3 of the International Departure Hall. Thereafter go through passport inspection & Quarantine (or the Enry / Exit Border Inspection),  present your valid ID card & boarding pass at security check, go through Red Channel if you need to declare something, or go through 'Nothing to Declare' Green channel;  thereafter wait & board your connecting flight.

Services and amenities inside the terminals
:  A myriad of restaurants and fast-food establishments, as well as retail stores of every kind and description dot the 45,200 square-meter commercial center in Terminal 3, including duty-free shops, as well as service-related stores which include banking & currency services, and meeting facilities, internet access, business centers, postal services, public phones with e-mail capacity; IC & other electronic device card sales, nursing room, dressing room, childrens play areas, free power chargers, porters & luggage carts. Lost & Found desk are in Terminal 3's domestic & international restricted areas.
   The Airport is a city by itself and its terminals, particularly T3, offer an infinite selection of food & drink and retail stores, duty-free stores & other services.  Furthermore you may want to consider: 
- T3-E has a lovely fish pond area with pagoda - the Suzhou & Royal Garden - with free fishfood to feed the fish. Open 9am-3pm.Near the fountain is available entertainment 10am-2pm.
- T3-C, level 4 features exhibits.

Important Airport Telephone Numbers:

 - Service Hotline (for T1 & T2 dial 0086-10-645-9759 for T3 dial 0086-10-645-30015 -  or e-mail: [email protected]) - messages will be answered within two hours.   Inquiry or Complaint - 0086-10-96158;  
 - Airport Shutte - 0086-10-64594375 /76;   Taxi Dispatch Station - 0086-10-64558892
 - Customs - 0086-10-12360 or 0086-10-85734500;   E-ticket Authenticity Identification Service - 4008158888
 - Medical Services at Garages: P1: 0086-10-64540999;  P2: 0086-10-64591919;  P3: 0086-10-64530120
 - Parking  - P11: 0086-10-64540814;   P2: 0086-10-64595535;   P3: 0086-10-64558552
 - Police Stations: at T2 - Room 22008 near Channel 14 of dometic security check side; at T3 - near domestic excess baggage check-in desk,  level 4, check-in area.

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