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Berlin Tegel Airport has presently four operational passenger terminals - TC, TB, TA, TE & TD - arranged around the circle road in that succession - the first Terminal when entering the Airport is Terminal C. The Flight Tower is between TC & TB (closer to TB). Terminals A & B are connected at their gate areas, Terminals E & D are south of TB.
 - The Service Center on Level 1 offers baggage storage, baggage tracing, police, post office, tax refund, customs and a hairdresser.
 - The Service Center on Level 2 houses the Berlin Airport Club Lounge, travel agencies, restaurant, cafe & snackbar. 
The Airport is open am-midnight (or last incoming flight)
Transfer passengers should plan for at least 45 minute transfer time (more remote gates require even more time.)

4 check-in options:
 - Check in online at your airline site and print out your boarding card. With only cabin bags, proceed at the Airport directly to the security checkpoint. With baggage, go to the baggage drop-off desk;  
 - Some airlines permit check-in the night before scheduled departure.  
 - Self-service machines are in the check-in areas of the terminals.    
 - Arrive early at the check-in counter of your airline and present your Airline's flight ticket.

 - EasyPass
for speedier border control has recently been added to Terminal C at 4 'eGates'.
 - Two 'napcab' sleeping cabins - available 24/7, are to be used for up to 12 hours, with single bed & work area, WiFi access, smartphone docking station and TV with touch screen for flight info. Locaton: Sky Conference area - reached from level 3 of Terminal B via triple elevator near Main Hall, or by stairs in north tower.
 - 'Family area' for passengers with children:  Terminal TC1 offers a new children's play area.

Terminal A is the largest of the terminals, built in a hexagon shape with short-term parking in its center, surrounded by road with access to the unsecured areas of the terminal. TA is adjacent to terminals B & E.  The large 'Boulevard Tegel' in front of TA offers information & other services, and - after security check - leads via two
separate entrances to gates A0 - A15 surrounding the outside of the hexagon-shaped building.  Transportation means (local bus, intercity coaches) depart on ground level 0, across from TA & TB.  Security checks are located past passenger check-in facilities located in the unsecured areas of the terminals.
 - The Service Center on the ground level offers baggage storage, baggage lost/found office, ATM machine & currency exchange, mail drop box & hair salon.
 - VAT refund  is available at the Terminal A Service Center and at Boulevard Tegel.
 - The Main Hall on level 1 has a pharmacy, 2 VIP lounges, a cafe, & restaurat and access to the trael market.
 - The boarding area houses gates A0 - A15 (with connections at A0  to TB's gates B0-39) .
Airline/ VIP Lounges:  While all airline lounges are in Terminal A, level 1, the Berlin Airport Club Lounge is on Level 2.
(Telephone numbers below start with Country & City codes:  +49 30) :
- Air France Lounge - tel. 41012727
- Berlin Airport Club Lounge - tel. 41013427
- British Airways Terraces Lounge - tel. 41012635
- Globe Ground VIP Lounge - tel. 41013093
- Lufthansa Lounge - tel. 566370

Terminal B
, a small terminal with gates B20-39, connects to Terminal A near gate A0.
Terminal C (northeast of the Flight Tower): the main terminal is divided into two sections - each with their own baggage claim area and gates: Its gate area consists of  gates C38-57 (left), gates C60-73 (right); and gates C80-89 (south)
Terminal D, south of TE has recently been refurbished, and houses gates D70-80
Terminal E, a small terminal between TA & TD, has gates E16-18 on level 0.  Four of the e-Gates offer EasyPass (see 'NEW' above)

The AIRVIS traffic information system - aside for traffic updates, indicates the quickest way to bus stops, and bus departures to City Center - with suggestions for alternative transport.

Current and future Airport developments:  As new Berlin Brandenburg Airport is not expected to open before 2018/19, Tegel and Schoenefeld Airports proceeded with upgrading their airports.
- Tegel Airport upgrades include Infrastructure, Service & Personnel. Also,  additional construction work is to improve the handling process at Terminal C.

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Berlin Reinickendorf Airport Overview Map

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