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Airport Overview

The Boise Airport is also called Boise Air Terminal or Gowen Field. It is situated three miles south of downtown Boise in Idaho, Western United States. BIO airport is a joint civil-military airport and is the busiest one in the whole of Idaho. Boise Airport serves more passengers than all of the other airports in Idaho put together.

In addition to this, the Idaho National Guard uses a portion of the airport as the USAF military facility for its 124th Fighter Wing.

Airport Stats & Facts

  • In April 2016, the ACI North America awarded Boise Airport the ‘Best Retail Program’ and the ‘Best Food and Beverage Program.’ These two concession awards were included in the small airport category.
  • The airport is the 69th busiest airport in the country.
  • In 2019, the airport recorded 2,059,935 passengers were recorded onboard or enplaned.

Airport Traveling Tips

  • The Boise Airport is open 24 hours a day, all seven days of the week. Passengers are requested to come in at least 90 minutes before departure. This will account for airport security wait times and any delays.
  • During holiday seasons like Thanksgiving, Boise Airport is extremely busy. During these times, passengers are asked to come in at least two hours before departure.
  • It is convenient for passengers if they first take a look at the BOI Airport map before they arrive at the airport.

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Boise Airport Overview Map
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Passenger Pickup and Drop-off

  • To pick passengers at the Boise Airport, visitors can wait at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. After passengers have finished collecting baggage, visitors can arrive at the curb.
  • Passengers can be picked up from the allocated pick-up locations on the main terminal.

Flight Status

  • For arriving flight status: Details of the arriving flights, gate information, and delay can be found at arriving flight status.
  • For departing flight status: Details for tracking scheduled, in-air, landed flights, and any delays during departure can be found at departing flight status.
  • To identify the best fares for your flight, book a flight at BOI.

Airport Terminals

BIO Airport has only one passenger terminal with three levels with 2 Concourses. At present, Concourse A has been planned for completion by 2035. 

Level 1

This is the Arrivals level, which is directly connected to the parking garage at the airport. Here, you can access on-rental cars and restaurants, among other services.

Concourse B - Gates C1 to C12

Level 2

This is the Departure level and is connected to the passenger drop off and the parking garage. Passengers can also find the ticketing counters, security checkpoints, and the food court here.

Concourse C – Gates B10 to B22

Level 3

The third level includes police and TSA offices and the Snake River Conference Center.

Airlines Served

Boise Airport currently serves seven airlines. Concourse B serves Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Concourse C serves Alaska Airlines, and the Main Terminal serves Allegiant Air Airlines.

To find out more, please visit the list of airlines served at BOI Airport.

Airport Parking

Both Concourse B and C are connected to the parking garage at Boise Airport. There are several parking options at BOI.

Long-Term Parking

  • The Long-term Central Garage allows long-term parking. This is located right across the Passenger Terminal. It can be accessed using the Skybridge. Fees are quoted at $1 for every 30 minutes and $11.50 per day.
  • West Garage also has a long-term parking option. Fees are the same as at Long-term Central.
  • The Long-Term Surface Lot is behind the Garage. Here, fees are quoted at $1 for 30 minutes each and $9 per day.

Short-Term Parking

  • Front of the Long-term Central Garage is the Short-term Lot. It is also across the Passenger Terminal. Fees here are quoted at $1 for each30 minutes and $9 and $21.50 per day.
  • In West Garage, short term parking facilities are available. The fees are the same as quoted at Short-term Lot.

Ground Transport

At Boise Airport, the lower level roadway hosts ground transportation services. Outside the baggage claim areas, passengers can see color-coded curbs for each ground transportation service.


The Black curb offers taxi services for passengers.


  • Various curbs are allotted for different shuttles. These have been outlined below.
  • The Blue curb offers courtesy shuttle services for passengers.
  • There are hotel shuttles offered by some area hotels. These pick passengers from the Green Curb.
  • The Economy Parking Lot shuttle will also pick passengers up from the Green curb.


Buses pick up from the Purple curb at BOI. The Valley Ride and Greyhound bus companies will transport passengers across Ada and Canyon counties.

Amenities & Services

  • The airport provides the following amenities.
  • Multiple restaurants and a food court
  • Socially responsible consumption services through Create Common Good products across the airport
  • News and gift shopping facilities
  • An art gallery and art curation across the airport
  • Access to free Wifi internet and power ports throughout the airport

Contact Information

Address: 3201 Airport Way, Boise, ID 83705, USA

Contact: [email protected]
Phone: (208) 383 3110

Boise Airport: A Brief History Timeline

  • In 1926, the first municipal airport in Boise was built on land that is now the campus of Boise State University. In the same year, Varney Airlines carried the first commercial airmail flight in the US, which passed through this airfield.
  • In 1936, Boise began buying and leasing land for its airport. This gave birth to its current airport.
  • In 1938, BOI had the longest runway in the US, covering a stretch of 8800 feet.
  • Between 2001 and 2005, the airport was remodeled to accommodate a new terminal for Departure.

Boise Airport Q&A

Yes, both Boise Airport and BOI refer to the same airport. While Boise Airport is the official name, BOI is the IATA code.
Boise airport is three miles away from Downtown Boise. Taxis and bus services can help you get to Downtown Boise. A taxi will take seven minutes, and the Line 3 bus will take fourteen minutes to cover the distance.
BOI Airport operates 24 hours, but passengers are not allowed to sleep airside overnight. They must move to the landslide after the last flight for the night until the next morning. These layover ideas are recommended.
BOI is an accessible airport with visual paging monitors, elevators, and larger restroom stalls with grab bars available for passengers with special needs.