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Getting Around the Airport

The terminal building structure at the Boise Airport consists of a single structure with three levels and two concourse areas. One of the concourse structures is under renovation at the BOI Airport.

Main Terminal

The three levels of the main terminal are split as follows:

The first level is for Arrivals and houses the ground transportation services along with a pickup area for passengers. The concourse area to Concourse C can be accessed via an airside passage and houses the C gates labeled from C1 to C12. Outside, there is an animal pet relief area.

The second level is for Departures and houses the check-in areas along with the passenger drop off area. Inside the landside area there are concessions and other shops. A security checkpoint leads to the B gates of Concourse B labeled from B10 to B22.

The third level houses the airport administration offices, Snake River Conference Center, airport lost and found, as well as the offices for a few airport airlines.

The airport terminal services included on this level are ATMs, luggage carts, massage chairs, and charging stations for mobile phones.

Security Checkpoints

The security checkpoints at BOI airport are monitored by the Federal TSA - Transportation Security Administration. Only passengers possessing tickets are allowed to proceed beyond any of the security checkpoints. All security checkpoints provide access to the concourses and airplane gates.

The hours and wait times estimates for each security checkpoint can be found on the Boise Airport Security Wait Times Page.

Terminal Tips

  • Keep your identification documents and other items of need in a small carry-on bag
  • Check with your respective airlines for the baggage limit and other related rules
  • Keep your luggage and personal items prepared for the TSA security checkpoints
  • When traveling with kids, keep items to keep them busy and engaged such as games, laptops, books, snacks, or others depending on their interest
  • Keep an itinerary at home for your family and friends to be able to reach you in case of any emergencies

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