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Guest Services at Chicago OHare ORD Airport

Additional Services at ORD Airport:

Airport Information/Customer Service
: Information and customer service representatives are available to assist passengers and visitors with airport directions, general service information, and language assistance. Call 773-686-2200 for more information.
Volunteers in red T-Shirts and a  "May I Help" tag are ready to help you get around.
Children's Entertainment: :  Airport Transit System at T1, T2, T3 & T5;  Hall of Flags at T3 & T5;  also:  a fighter plane, Brachiosaurus dinosaur, Kids on the Fly exhibit, & light sculpture.
Hotels/ Motels or other visitor services: For information on hotels/motels or other visitor services while in Chicago, please go directly to the website for the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau.
Spas/Health Club/Yoga:  Hilton Health Club between Terminal 2 & parking garage.  Terminal Getaway Spas at: T1, gate B14; T3, gates H2 & H6; T5 at gate M11.
Travelers Aid (tel. 773-894-2427) is in Terminal 2 across fom Children's Museum, and at T5 near gate M19 - providing special traveler assistance. Open weekdays 8:30am-9pm; weekend10am-9pm.  Travelers Aid Info Desks are at T1, near gates B7 & C18; at T2 near gate F1D, at T5 on upper/ticketing & lower/arrival levels. Travelers Aid offers guidance, support or avocacy and its staff can assist with crisis intervention & social services.
U.S.O. (United Service Organizations): The U.S.O. offers a variety of services to active military personnel and their dependents, including free refreshments, information, and referrals. It is located in T-2 Mezzanine Level (tel. 773-686-7396).
Virtual Concierge kiosks in baggage claim areas provide multilingual touch-screens with hotel, transportation and airport information in eight languages, including flight status and weather updates, and information on Chicago events and attractions. You can touch the screens to place a free call for hotel or rental car reservation, or contact an airport Customer Service Representative.

Lost & Found

Several different organizations at O'Hare International Airport handle lost and found items. If you are trying to locate a missing item, please contact the organization closest to the location the item was last seen. If you do not know where you misplaced the item, you may contact several or all of the agencies below separately.

Ticket counters, gate areas, or on an airplane: contact the airline Public areas of the terminal: contact the Chicago Police at (773) 686-2385 Security screening locations: contact TSA at (773) 377-1210
​TSA Administrative Offices are in the Terminal 2 Mezzanine. Enter via stairs/elevator across from Vestibules 2A (both on the upper or lower levels). On the Airport Transit System (ATS): contact O'Hare ATS at (773) 601-1817 Parking facilities: contact Standard Parking at (773) 686-7532 Food service locations: call (773) 686-6148 Terminal 5 Customs Area: contact U.S. Customs at (773) 686-3157​

Mail Center


Animals are not allowed inside the passenger terminals unless they are in a kennel.  Exception: Working dogs on a leash.

Animal relief areas are located curbside, on the lower levels of Terminals 1 and 5. They are gated areas designated for service animal relief and are accessible at all times. All animals must be accompanied and leashed by the owner.

An indoor pet relief room opned in October 2015 - located at post-security of Terminal 3, at the Rotunda. 


Smoking is not permitted in O�hare International Airport.

International Travelers at Chicago OHare ORD Airport

All international arrivals at U.S. Airports - with the exception of those who went through U.S. Customs clearance at participating airports - need to go through passport control, pick up their bags and go with them through Customs clearance .  If they continue their journey  they need to re-check-in their bags where indicated, before proceeding to to their connecting flight's gate.  For Terminal details and /or Concourse connections, please refer to 'Terminal Map' page.

Baggage Transfers: Prior to departure make sure that your original airline will transfer bags to your connecting flight - if not, you need, after customs clearance, take them to your connecting airline's check-in counter (which may be in another terminal) and  check them in before proceeding through security check and on to your departure gate. 
Your bags will be automatically transferred if  both arriving & departing airlines (a) belong to the same Airline Alliance,  (b) code-share with another airline; or (c) if both flights were bought on one ticket.

NOTE: Prior to departure make sure that your original airline will transfer bags to your connecting flight - if not, you need, after customs clearance, take them to your connecting terminal and  check them in at your connecting airline counter before proceeding to your gate.

Automated Passport Control (APC) & Mobile Passport Control (MPC) :
   1. APC kiosks  (Automated Passport Control)  collect passengers' facial & fingerprint biometrics against their passports - approved by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The kiosks will process any passenger from the USA, Canada, or any of the 38 visa waiver countries without any pre-enrollment. The process takes about 90 seconds.
     2, Mobile passport control (MPC): Eligible passengers may submit passport information & customs declaration form to CBP (Customs)  by smartphone or tablet app prior to arrival.  Android & iPhone users may download the MPC app from either the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.mobilepassport) or from the Apple App (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobile-passport-officially/id907024887?ls=1&mt=8).