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CVG Airport Food & Shopping Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to dining and shopping at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite at Panda Express, a custom-built pizza at Blaze Pizza, or a taste of Cincinnati's famous chili at Gold Star Chili, we've got you covered. Looking to indulge in some retail therapy? From the latest electronics at InMotion Entertainment, to sweet treats at Natalie's Candy Jar, and high-end fashion at Brooks Brothers, there's something for everyone. But that's just a taste of what's on offer.

Below you will find more detailed information about some of the most popular restaurants, shops, and stores at the airport, including proximity to gates and links to amenity maps.

Tips, Help & Resources

With our airport maps at your fingers, iFly.com can help you find food or where to shop, but also get through, and between the CVG terminals with ease. Here are some tips to assist you during your journey through the airport:

  • If you have some time before your flight departs CVG airport, get a coffee, have a sit-down meal, or walk the shops within the terminals. You never know what treat or souvenir you might discover!
  • Need to kill some time before your flight's departure, check out these ideas for a layover.
  • Are you a frequent flyer or traveling in business or first class? Then check out where the Cincinnati N Kentucky airline lounges are located.
  • Should the need arise, the airport is equipped to handle special-needs persons, and also small medical emergencies that may arise.

Maps of Shops & Restaurants

Explore the assortment of dining options, retail outlets, and additional services at the airport via our interactive maps. Just choose either your departure or arrival terminal from the array of terminal maps provided, and delve into the multitude of available choices. The map also facilitates smooth navigation to your preferred destination or aids in moving between terminals for those with onward flights.


Travelers transiting through Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) have a variety of dining options available to them. Whether you're looking for a sit-down meal, a quick bite, or a caffeine boost, CVG has got you covered. Here's a look at some of the popular restaurants located within the airport, grouped by their terminal location and type.

Concourse A Dining Options:

  • Panda Express: Located near Gate A12, this popular fast food chain serves up a variety of Chinese dishes, perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.
  • Blaze Pizza: Offering custom-built pizzas and freshly made salads, Blaze Pizza is a great choice for those looking for a quick, yet hearty meal.
  • Samuel Adams Pub: With locations at Gates A14 and A17, Samuel Adams Pub provides travelers with a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy a beer before their flight.
  • Starbucks: For those in need of a caffeine fix or a light snack, Starbucks, located in Concourse A, has you covered.

Concourse B Dining Options:

  • Gold Star Chili: Situated near Gate B11, Gold Star Chili offers travelers a taste of Cincinnati's famous chili.
  • Bruegger's Bagels: Located at Gate B13, Bruegger's Bagels serves up fresh, delicious bagels and other breakfast items.
  • Chick-fil-A: Also near Gate B11, Chick-fil-A is a popular fast food chain that offers a variety of chicken-based dishes.
  • Starbucks: With locations at Gates B08 and B12, Starbucks is the go-to place for coffee lovers in Concourse B.

Other noteworthy dining options throughout the airport include Vino Volo, Max & Erma's, Hop & Cask, The Great American Bagel Bakery, Subway, McDonald's, Stella Artois Bar, Graeter's, The Local Pub, and Outback Steakhouse. These restaurants offer a diverse range of cuisines and dining styles, ensuring that all travelers can find something to their liking.

Shops & Stores

Whether you're in need of a quick snack, a last-minute gift, or a leisurely browse, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) offers a variety of shopping options to suit all needs. From newsstands and candy stores to high-end fashion and duty-free shopping, here are some of the most popular shops and stores located across the terminals.

Main Terminal

  • InMotion Entertainment: A go-to spot for all your electronic needs, from headphones to tablets.
  • Travel Mart: A convenient store for last-minute travel essentials, snacks, and drinks.

Concourse A

  • Natalie's Candy Jar: A sweet spot filled with a wide variety of candies, chocolates, and other confections.
  • CNBC News: A newsstand offering a selection of books, magazines, travel accessories, and snacks, located near Gate A6.
  • CVG Marketplace: A one-stop shop located near Gate A17 for a variety of goods, from snacks and drinks to travel essentials.
  • InMotion Entertainment: Another location of the popular electronics store, this time near Gate A9.

Concourse B

  • Spirit of the Red Horse: A unique store located near Gate B10 offering Native American jewelry, apparel, and gifts.
  • Heritage Booksellers: A bookstore near Gate B11 offering a wide range of titles, travel essentials, and snacks.
  • Brooks Brothers: The classic American brand offers high-quality men's fashion near Gate B14.
  • Duty Free: Enjoy tax-free shopping on a variety of items, from perfumes to liquor and chocolates, located near Gate B12.

Additional noteworthy shops include Kentucky! near Gate B10 for local souvenirs, Forever Heather near Gate B15 for women's fashion, and PGA Tour Shop near Gate B14 for golf-related merchandise. For children's toys and games, don't miss Creative Kidstuff near Gate B12.

Please be sure to check at the airport for the most up-to-date store locations and hours, as this information can change at any time.

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Cincinnati N Kentucky Airport food shopping Q&A

The airport offers a wide variety of dining options. Some of the popular restaurants include Panda Express, Blaze Pizza, Samuel Adams Pub in Concourse A, and Gold Star Chili, Bruegger's Bagels, Chick-fil-A in Concourse B. There are also Starbucks outlets in both concourses for coffee lovers.
For a quick bite, you can visit Panda Express near Gate A12, Blaze Pizza, or fast food chains like Chick-fil-A near Gate B11.
Starbucks outlets are located in both Concourse A and Concourse B at the airport for coffee lovers.
The airport offers a variety of shopping options. You can find electronics at InMotion Entertainment, candies at Natalie's Candy Jar, books at Heritage Booksellers, high-end men's fashion at Brooks Brothers, and more.
Heritage Booksellers, a bookstore offering a wide range of titles, travel essentials, and snacks, is located near Gate B11.
InMotion Entertainment, located in the Main Terminal and near Gate A9 in Concourse A, is a go-to spot for all your electronic needs.
Yes, Spirit of the Red Horse near Gate B10 offers Native American jewelry, apparel, and gifts. You can also find local souvenirs at Kentucky! near Gate B10.
You can explore the assortment of dining options, retail outlets, and additional services at the airport via the interactive maps provided here for Concourse A, here for Concourse B, and here for Terminal 2.
You can enjoy tax-free shopping on a variety of items at the Duty Free store located near Gate B12 in Concourse B.
Please check at the airport for the most up-to-date store locations and hours, as this information can change at any time.