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Layover Ideas Colorado Springs Municipal Airport COS

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Top 5 Layover Ideas for Colorado Springs Municipal Airport

Whether you're stuck with a long layover or just have a few extra hours to kill, Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (COS) offers a variety of activities to keep you entertained. Here are our top 5 layover ideas:

1. Visit the Visitor Information Center at Colorado Springs

Located just a short distance from the airport at 515 South Cascade Avenue, the Visitor Information Center is a great place to start your layover. The friendly volunteer staff can provide you with maps, brochures, coupons, visitor guides, and directions to all the must-see spots in the region. Plus, you can enjoy free wireless internet from your laptop computer.

2. Explore Downtown Colorado Springs

Take a short trip to downtown Colorado Springs and explore the city's vibrant arts scene, unique shops, and delicious local cuisine. There's something for everyone in this bustling city center.

3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Colorado Springs is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. If you have a few hours to spare, consider taking a hike in the nearby mountains, or simply enjoy the clean, clear air and blue skies from one of the city's many parks.

4. Visit a Local Museum

Colorado Springs is home to a number of fascinating museums. Whether you're interested in art, history, or science, there's a museum for you. Some popular options include the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the Space Foundation Discovery Center.

5. Relax at the Airport

If you'd prefer to stay at the airport, COS offers a variety of amenities to keep you comfortable. Enjoy a meal at one of the airport's restaurants, shop for souvenirs, or simply relax in one of the airport's lounges.

Helpful Tips & Resources

Need help navigating your way through an unfamiliar airport? Look no further than iFly.com for expert tips and advice. Here are some helpful tips to help you travel stress-free through COS Airport:

  • Don't let heavy bags slow you down! Make use of our airport's complimentary baggage carts, available for all travelers in the baggage claim area.
  • If you have some time before your departure, relax, grab a bite at one of COS's restaurants, peruse the shops, or jump on the free internet and surf galore!
  • If you are flying in business or first class (or are a member), check out where the airline club lounges are located.
  • Once you have passed through security, you can use the airport map to find your gate, as well as the various restaurants and shops that are available on your route.
  • Surf to your heart's content. Jump on Colorado Springs Municipal airport's internet (free!)
  • For those (dreaded) early-morning flights, consider one of the airport hotels on or near COS to spend the night prior to your flight. In many cases your parking for the trip's duration is free!
  • Have a flight arriving and want a fast way to get to your destination? Here are a few taxi and limo airport service providers that service the airport.

Nearby Attractions for an Extended Layover

If your layover extends beyond 12 hours, there are plenty of attractions within reasonable proximity to Colorado Springs Municipal Airport that you can explore. Here are some ideas to make the most of your extended layover:

1. Visit the Garden of the Gods

Just a 20-minute drive from the airport, the Garden of the Gods is a registered National Natural Landmark. Explore the park's stunning geological formations, hike the trails, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views of Pikes Peak.

2. Explore Manitou Springs

Located just west of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs is a quaint mountain town known for its natural mineral springs, unique shops, and local restaurants. It's a delightful place to spend a few hours or even a whole day.

3. Take a Trip to Pikes Peak

Known as "America's Mountain," Pikes Peak offers stunning views, hiking trails, and the world's highest cog railway. It's about an hour's drive from the airport, making it a feasible trip for those with longer layovers.

4. Visit the United States Air Force Academy

Just a short drive north of the airport, the United States Air Force Academy offers a visitor center, chapel, and a beautiful campus to explore. It's a great opportunity to learn about the military academy and its rich history.

5. Explore the Broadmoor Seven Falls

Located in a 1,250-foot-wall box canyon, the Broadmoor Seven Falls are a series of cascading waterfalls that offer a unique natural attraction. There are hiking trails and a restaurant on site, making it a great option for those with a bit more time to spare.

Updated on: November 22, 2023