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To get from Hongqiao Airport to your destination: you can take a taxi (T1 pickup at Arrivals Hall exit; T2 pickup at south side of Gate 4 Arrival Hall), take a shuttle bus, a hotel shuttle, a bus, or board the Metro - 15 years in the making, Shanghai's Metro network system is now the longest in the world - with 420 route-kilometers, eleven lines & 282 stations. 
Transfer options to Pudong Airport are listed here at the end:

By Train: (A new subway station for  Shanghai's new Disney resort opened in April 2016, Shuttle buses are also available at 9:30 and 10am , making pickups at T1, outside of arrivals, and at T2 at gate 28. A one-way ticket is $4.55.)
The Metro's Subway Lines 2 & 10 
to central Shanhai serve the Airport and stop at Hongqiao Railway station - a trip of 35 minutes (line 2 does not serve Terminal 1).
At Terminal 1: The Metro  line 10 train (to Xinjiangwancheng and Hongqiao Railway Station) reaches Terminal 1 (at its north side).
At Terminal 2: The Metro line 2 (to East Xujing) serves Terminal 2 (below ground) and also runs east to Shanhai Pudong Airport.

By Bus:   (buses provide limited baggage space).
    At Terminal 1:
Bus 806 - Terminal 1 to Zhong Shan Nan Yi (tel. +86(21)22346514;
Bus 807 - Terminal 1 to Shanghai West Railway station  (tel. +86(21)52757553;
Bus 938 - Terminal 1 to Pudong Yangjiadu  (tel. +86(21)22346541;
Bus 941 serves Shanghai Railway Station
Airport Bus 1 serves Shan Xi Lu.
     At Terminal 2:
Hongqiao Hub Line 4 from Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to Zishu Science Park (tel. +86(21)34661556);
Hongqiao Hub Line 9 - from Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to West Jiading Metro Station (tel. +86(21)34661535);
Airport Line 1 - from Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to Pudong Airport (tel. +86(21)34661553);
Line 941 - from Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to Shanghai Railway Station (tel. +86(21)34661573);
Line 316 (late night) from Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to The Bund, East Yan’an Rd (tel. +86(21)34661573).
Night Bus service is available at Terminal 2, at Arrivals gate 1. It starts 10:30pm until last flight of the day, departing every 45 mins to Hongqiao's People's Square for

Transfer to Shanghai Pudong Airport:  The two airports are 45 km apart.  Currently, The Metro line 2 train runs east to Pudong Airport - a 90-minute journey.    Note, however, that plans are in place to cut journey time in half by considering other options including a rail link to cover major stops including Shanghai South Railwway Station, Longyang Road Station & Shanghai East Railway station.

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