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Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Terminal Layout,  International arrivals, transfer to conneting flights, Terminal Details, Lounges and  important telephone numbers:
Long-Haul flights depart & arrive mostly from Shanghai Pudong Airport.  
- The elevated road in front of SHA's Terminal 1 started operation November 2016.
- Starting early 2017, China Eastern Airlines now offers expanded in-flight internet service at its wide-bodied aircraft. 

The passenger complex at Hongqiao International Airport consists of two passenger terminals - T1 & T2 - situated on either side of the runways and connected by shuttle buses,
while T2 has access to the subway and high-speed railway station - part of 'Hongqiao Station' used for all modes of transportation.   NOTE:  Tighter security checks at both entrances and exits have been instituted since August 2016.
 - Free shuttle buses connect T1 & T2  - gate-to-gate within minutes - departing at peak hours every 5, and other hours every 15 minutes with pickup at T1 (at south side of gate 6, Departure Hall 1); and pickup at T2 i(at north side of gate 1, Arrivals Hall).
 - The Metro subway: line 2 serves T2 only, while lines 2 & 10 head for the City);  and
 - The Shanghai Hongqiao railway station is adjacent to Terminal 2.
 - Which Terminal?  Your flight ticket has your airline's Code.  Use this code to detrmine at which terminal you depart from:  Terminal 1 houses the following airlines: Spring 9C (9C is the code); ANA All Nippon NH; Japan Airlines JL; Asiana OZ, Korean Air KE; China Eastern MU; Shanghai FM; AirChina CA; EVA Air BR; China Airlines CI; TransAsia Airways GE; Dragonair KA; Hong Kong Airlines HX; Air Macau NX. - All other airlines are at Terminal 2.
International arrivals pick up baggage, then go through immigration & customs clearance.
Transfer to connecting flights:
 - Passengers with boarding pass for connecting flight proceed to level 2 (2F) and follow signs to corresponding waiting area.
 - Passengers without boarding pass for connecting flight proceed to check-in area (follow signs) for check-in process and thereafter continue to corresponding waiting area and to their gate where they should arrive at least 30 mins prior to scheduled departure.
 - Passengers who need to transfer their bags: claim bags on level 1F, go to transfer counter & re-check-in; then  take escalator to 2F to Departure Hall near elevator and continue to boarding gate.
Note: The uniformed porters who assist traveler with their bags are not permitted to take a tip. 


International Terminal 1 of Hongqiao Airport.
T1 currently serves (a) regional flights to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, (b) international flights to Japan and South Korea, (c) domestic flights, and (d)  international diversion flights. For Airline listing see 'Which Terminal' above.
International counters open 150 minutes, and close 30 minutes before flight takeoff; while gates open 30 minutes, and close 10 minutes - prior to flight takeoff.
   NOTE: In March 2017, T1's Building A reopened after completion of upgrade work, which resulted in faster check-in and security check procedures due to adding new counters and security lines. (Also completed was work on creating higher ceilings, more shops, larger waiting areas, a children's play area, more outlets and a connector to the Yan'an expressway. 
 - All flights were moved into Building A, as work started on Building B. 
    Level 1 of T1 houses Arrivals A & B; Arrivals B houses the baggage claim area with 4 baggage belts, and has access to outside buses 806, 807, 938, 925 & 941 (right to left). 
    Level 2 houses  Departures A & B - each of which has its own security check. Departures B has check-in counters & access to gates B1-B12; Departures A has check-in counters and access to gates A11-A2. The Plaza Premium Lounge is at Gate B11. Ehtere is also a First and a Bus Lounge.
    Level 3 is the check-in level with check-in counters A - M (right to left). This level has information counters, Customs , Immigration, and access to level 2.
 - Check-in counters: The Departures Hall check-in counters 262 & 263 are for  Air China, and 105-107 are for China Southern. Spring Air counter for Sanya/Yantai is now at T1B, gate 7.
 - Ticketing desks are in both the Departures & Arrivals Halls.
 -  Food & drink and shops: Shops are located in the Departures Hall, at A3, A4, A6 & A8 and the Waiting Hall, while food & drink establishments are mostly in A4 & A5 Waiting Hall.
 - A first-aid station is near the security check in the Domestic Departures Hall on 2F & on Arrivals on 1F.
 - Baggage-related services: Lost & Found is next to gate 1, Arrivals Hall; baggage storage is beside gate 5, Arrivlas Hall, & gate 5 Departures Hall.

NOTE: T1 renovation started Dec. 2014 and includes its upgrade and expansion from 8 to 13 thousand sq.meters) and a new transport center (underground parking garage for 1,200 vehicles, subway transfer hall, and Phase I of road, underground passage & other supporting facility work) - all to be tentatively completed by late 2017.

New Domestic Terminal 2 of Hongqiao Airport is a '5-Star Terminal' according to Skytrax. T2 serves all airlines, other than those at T1. (See Which Terminal? above.)
- Excellent signage helps passengers to get around; however, getting from arrivals gate to baggage carousel and to bus stop requires a long walk with limited travelators (food & drink is available on the way & you can rent a golf buggy for $1.70).   
 - T2 recently added over 8,000 square meters of retail & food concessions.  While there is an abundance of eateries and retail outlets, prices are high. 
 - Continuous announcements are made in both Chinese & English. 
 - To easier to navigate T2, rent a battery-operated mini-car from the Service Counter at M2.  
  - T2 Check-in counters Counters A, B, C & D are open between 120 minutes to 24 hours, but all close 45 minutes prior to takeoff; while gates open for  flights 30 minutes prior to flight takeoff, and close 10 minutes prior to flight takeof.  Self-Check-in machines are now available at T2, whereby passengers may check in and register their bags - speeding up the check-in process.
 - A14-A21 for China Air; A01-A13 for Hainan, Juneyaeo, Shandong, Shichuan, Tianjin & Xiamen airlines;
 - B01-B18 for Shanghai and Shenzhen airlines;
 - C01--C18 & D01-D10 for China Eastern* airlines;
 - D11-D15 for China Southern* airlines.
(* China Eastern & China Southern share a total of 48 check-in counters and 28 check-in machines. Passengers of either one of these airlines can use any one of the 48 check-in desks. Note that Spring Airlines adjusted check-in counters to it gates 5 - 7).
  - Ticketing desks are in the Check-in & Ticketing Hall of 3F for the following airlines: Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan, Juneyao, Shanghai, Shandong, Shenzhen, Spring & Xiamen. 
  - Shops and food & drink outlets are in the departure level M2 and ticketing & check-in level 3F. The large commercial retail & food service expansion started inlae 2011 and will continue for another two years, offering, among others, many luxury brand-name establisments.
  - A first-aid station is between gates 47 & 48, M2, next to the transfer area, 2F and next to the baggage locker, Arrivlas Hall 1F.
  - Baggage-related service: Left luggage & lost & found are at the Arrivals Hall & E-Island, East Traffic Center, 1F.
  - The boarding gate area of T2 houses in the center gates 46-56 (security check is  near  gate 48); at left gates 21-40 and at right gates 56-90.

Lounges in Terminals 1 & 2:
- VIP Lounges in T2 are located on Levels 1, 2, M2 and 3,  Room V1-3 are next to gate 24, M2,  and Rooms 4-6 are next to the Information Desk.
- The Shanghai Airline lounge is in T2 on level 3, Zone A, V2;
- The China Eastern V7 lounge at T2;
- The Plaza Premium Lounge (B11 VIP Lounge) is at T1at Gate B11 (tel. +86 (21)2234 4585 or e-mail [email protected]
- The First-Class Cabin Lounge is in T1at the 2F Waiting Hall.
- Special lounges to accommodate passengers who need a little help are located in T1 at A5, B12 Waiting Hall, departures level.

Important Telephone numbers:

Airport Information - 96990;  (all other telephone numbers below precede +86 (021) for long-distance calls):
Baggage Storage- at T1: 22344553; at T2: 22381085
Business Center - at T2: 22381085
Lost & Found - at T1: 22344553; at T2: 22381086
Police Center - at T1: 22344553; at T2: 22381085 (also handles Lost & Found).

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