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Terminal complex layout, touch-screen kiosks, bar code readers, biometric fingerprint scanners, Flights to USA & Canada,  Passenger Pickup /Meeting Point, and TERMINAL DETAILS, including Other Services & Amenities, and Lounges & CIP Services

The passenger terminal complex at Istanbul Airport consists of a Domestic (DT) and the much larger International (IT) building -
both have an Arrivals and a Departures level and are connected to each other at their gateways.  You can walk from terminal to terminal within 5 minutes, or use its travelators. In the center of the complex are the 3 carparks adjacent to each, while the eastern-most carpark serves the international terminal.  The Terminal currently handles about 1,400 flights & 140,000 passengers a day  and 107,000 bags.
 - The domestic building houses on the departures level  96 check-in counters, 12 boarding bridges and 9 bus gates; and on the arrivals level 5 baggage carousels.  Domestic gates are 112-101, with gates 401/404 & 405/408 downstairs.
 - The International building houses 224 check-in counters, divided into seven islands. Its departure level houses 100 passport control counters, 110 security gates, 26 boarding bridges and 17 bus gates, while 11 baggage carousels are on the arrivals level. The international  boarding area offers food & drink and retail concessions and other amenities, as well as access to the depature gates.
Touch-screen kiosks provide information in Turkish & English -  available at at Arrivals and Departures levels of both Domestic & International terminals. Persons with disabilities can find alternative route maps. 
Bar Code Reader: Passengers can get route maps to their departure gate by scanning their boarding pass on the bar code reader.
Biometric fingerprint scanners: 24 biometric passport control kiosks are located at four passport control stations:  two at International Terminal's Arrivals level and two at Departures level. Facial recognition has being added.
Flights to USA &Canada:  
After regular security control, (following check-in procedures) Passengers will undergo additional security procedures at boarding gates.
Passenger Pickup /Meeting Point:  Greeters go to the information desk at the International Terminal's Arrivals level, where their names will be put on overhead monitors for the next 40 minutes.

TERMINAL DETAILS for both Domestic and International arrivals & departures: 

    The Arrivals level
has an Information kiosks, passport control, transit desk, visa office, banking facilities, Lost & Found, rental car desks, duty-free shops A1, A & A3, some food & drink outlets and the Metro Station. Domestic arrivals gates are 101-112; international arrivals gates are 201 - 230B; the THY Arrivals Lounge is close to the terminal exit;  while the TAV Airport Hotel can be accessed from gates 223-221. 
    The Departures level has separate entrances & facilities for international and domesic traffic. While passengers check in for international flights north of the parking garages, domesic passengers check in southeast of the garages. Both house Information desks, check-in counters & self-checkin automats, ticket sales, parking payment booths, banking facilities, first aid station, shops & food stores, passport control*, security checkpoint*, 'VIP Service/Special Transit Point (E-Port), and access to gates. The 'Bridge Taxi' located past passport control, serves the elderly & disabled passengers needing to access distant airbridges (tel: +90 212 663 2550). 
All boarding areas between domestic & international gates (meeting at gates 201/112) are connected.
    The Departure Gates are divided into international & domestic gates:
- International Gates 201-226, 301/312, & 501/504:
  gates 205 - 226  run east-to-west - opposite of gates 213/212 is access to gates 204-201; near gate 212 is escalator down to gates 301/312, while near gate 206 is escalator down to gate 208.  Opposite of gates 224 is access to gates 501/504.
- Domestic Gates 112-101& 401/404: gates 112-101 are arranged in a semi-circle around the departure hall, which houses the check-in counters, security checks, with cafes & souvenir shops thereafter & access to gates: Gates 110-101 surround the secured area; while gates 111 & 112 are north of the First Aid station.  Separate elevators in the secured area take you down to gates 405/408 & 401/404.

* There are two different passport- & security-control areas - separating departing passengers in two flows and avoiding long queues (even at peak hours). Thereafter passengers enter a large shopping mall (28 stores & 3 duty-free areas with over 100 brands & 50,000 products). Notable is also the 'Old Bazaar' offering traditional Turkish products. Once through the busy  shopping area, passengers arrive at the boarding concourse - a most attractive area with ample seating, huge windows and great views.

Other Services and Amenities inside both terminals offer an array of amenities passengers expect to find at a large international airport, including a good selection of food & drink & retail concessions. Internet access is free at the lounges in both Arrivals & Departures terminals, while other access points are at fee. Luggage storage is available on the arrivals level of both the international & domestic terminals. 'A children's playroom is in the duty-free area; a hairdresser for men & women is on the departure mezzanine level of the International Terminal. For medical emergencies call (+90 0212 465-5969). A pharmacy is in the International terminal on the arrivals level. The Domestic Terminal offers three conference halls accommodating between 95 and 225 persons.
Mosque locations two at Road Transport Area; two in International Terminal at remote areas; and two on departures level of Domestic Terminal - all are open 24/7.
Lounges and CIP Service at Istanbul Ataturk Airport:
Lounges of  Bankasa Milleum, HSBC, Comfort, 2 Primeclass & TTNET Platinum
are accessible from gate 204 area.
- THY CIP lounges are accessible from near gate 220 and 101 areas.
- Emirates & Sky Team Lounges are accessible from gate 223 area.  Emirates Lounge at International Departures (operated by TAV, offers Primeclass CIP Service).
- 'Primeclass'  Lounges are located at Domestic & International Terminals' Departures levels.  Aside from 'Primeclass' service customers, British Airways passengers may also use the one in the International Terminal, which is open 24/7 & offers self-service buffet options, massage chairs, internet, and more.
- TAV/ MasterCard Comfort Lounge enables passengers to pay by MasterCard & take advanting of the extra meet&assit services.
- Akbank Wings primeclass and Akbank lounges are at both Domestic & International Departures.
- Comfort Lounge is at International Departures, mezzanine level, post-security.

It is planned that by the first quarter 2018, Ataturk Airport will be replaced by the new mega-Airport under construction (located 35 km from Istanbul). 

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