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Terminal Layout at Barajas International Airport, Transportation, Terminal details,  Amenities & Services (including VIP lounges & Airline information desks for transfer passengers):

The passenger terminal complex at Madrid Barajas International Airport consists of  four passenger terminals - T1, T2, T3 (off M-14 (Av. Almanaque) & separate T4, situated 2 km northwest of them (off M-12) connected to T1, T2 & T3 by underground train.  T4 has a Satellite building T4S (about 1 km east of T4, on Av. de Logrono), connected to T4 by driverless train.
- The 3-level terminals T1, T2 & T3 are adjacent to each other - level P0 is Arrivals, level P1 is Departures with access to gates A1 through E89; level P2 houses offices & services.
- The separate large new Terminal 4, consists of a main terminal T4 and a satellite T4S served by underground train.

Transportation between, and from the terminals: Free shuttle buses serve all four terminals (6:30am-11:30pm every 5 mins; 11:30pm-1:50am every 20 mins; 1:50am-6:30am every 40 mins).
  - The underground Metro, subway  line 8, stops at all terminals and connects to the Nuevos Ministerios station in Central Madrid - taking 12-15 mins.
  - Buses to the City stop at level 1 of T1 & T3 and on the ground level of T4 & T2.
  - At Terminal 4, you can catch the suburban train line to Chamartin, Nuevos Ministerios, Atocha and Principe Pio.

   T1, T2 & T3 together represent the New SkyTeam Alliance Hub
- offering more convenience and shorter connection times.  While T1 is for international air operations, T2 & T3 are for domestic & Schengen flights.  All three terminals together offer over 70 concessions, and a host of amenities & services.
   T4 -is 2 km from the other 3 terminals has a satellite T4S (1 km from T4).

Terminal 1 of MAD is for inter-continental and some European flights; it has boarding gates A, B & C. 
    Arriving passengers at T1 (from gates A9-12): Baggage carousels are located on level 0, which has the customs facilities for arrriving passengers).
    Departing passengers at T1: The Departures lobby on level 1 has check-in facilities.Thereafter go through security check and proceed to your departure gate: The gate area of Terminal 1 includes B & C gates & more distant A gates. The Center gateway shares gates C30-46 (past gate C46 is a connector to T2) & B 30-18; near 'Superdry and the entrance to the gate area B18/20 is access to the connector leading to gates A14-A1.
Terminal 2 of MAD is mostly for European flights (with some intercontinental flights); it has boarding gates C & D and houses the Metro line 8 station. T2 offers Fast Track service for: first- & business-class passengers of Aegean, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, KLM, SAS, TAP Portugal & Turkish airlines and to cardholders of of Raesa, Multiservicios Aeroportuarios and AVIP airport car park. Level 2 houses the Puerto del Sol VIP lounge.
    Arriving passengers at T2: baggage belts are in the center, while others will find them at right, with connection to T3.
    Departing passengers at T2:  The Departures lobby on level 2 has check-in facilities; thereafter go to level 1 for security check  and  proceed to your gate.
       The gate area of T2 is in the center divided into D gates D53-66 (west) with connector to T3; and C gates C49-43 (east) with a connector to T1.
Terminal 3 of MAD is reserved for flights between Madrid & Barcelona.
    Arriving passengers at T3 find on level 0 baggage belts and access to T2.
    Departing passengers at T3 on level 1 go through check-in procedure, then through security check and on to their gate. Level 1 has at right  (near the Mahou Sports bar) a connector to T2.
       The gate area of Terminal 3 has gates E67-80 on opposite sides of the gateway, and connects near gate E67 to T2. On level 2 are gates E81-82.

Terminal 4, with five levels, boarding gates H, J & K,
and Satellite T4S, serves Iberia Airlines, its franchise Air Nostrum and all of OneWorld partner airlines. It connects to Terminals 1 - 3 by underground train. The stunning terminal was featured a few years ago at National Geographics for its unique design.  Its core building with a sequence of parallel spaces separated by a linear block providing daylight to enter deep into the interior. The satellite has two linear blocks - one for passport control and the other for gates. T4 houses the metro, rail station and landside transit link to the other terminals, and the transit system links the core terminal with the satellite. The Arrivals Hall leads to  clear and separate routes to the public & private ground transportation. The forecourts of arrivals & departures, train & metro stations are covered by a roof.
- T4 offers Fast Track service for first- & business-class passengers of Air Nostrum, American Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Iberia, Iberia Express and Qatar Airways, and cardholders of Raesa, Multiservicios Aeroportuarios & AVIP Airport Carpark. (The Iberia Air Shuttle is at the left end of level 2.)
- Every level of T4 has an Aena information counter -  while level 2 also houses Airlines staff of Avia, Iberia & Swissport;  level 1 offers Iberia's connecting flights Information; and level 0 houses Lost & Found and a meeting point.
The underground automated driverless train connects to the T4S satellite every 5 mins on average.
    Departing Passengers at T4 check in at level 2, which has 11 rows of check-in facilities, including self-check-in kiosks.  Before security check there are some food concessions available. Passenger then go through security check and take the escalator or elevator down to level 1 housing the Madrid Duty-Free area, which is surrounded by other food & retail concessions and leads to the boarding area and gates starting with North gates J50/51(right)  and south gatesJ489-49 (left):
- If your boarding gate is either in zones H, J or K (gates used for domestic & Schengen destinations, and Iberia's London & Dublin flights) - proceed to level 1; its gates are divided by  North Dock (gates J50-J59 & K62-K98) and South Dock (gates J49-J40 &  H30-H1), with odd and even gate numbers on opposite sides, while the center offers food, drink, shop & duty-free services.
- If your boarding gate is either in zones R, S or U - turn left, go down to level 2 & take the underground train to T4S, taking 3 minutes.
    Arriving passengers at T4  (a) ending their journey should proceed toLevel 0's baggage reclaim Hall 10 or 11 to get their bags and proceed to Customs check;  (b)* transfer passengers to Satellite T4S should take the automated driverless train at underground  level -2, running every two minutes at peak hours, with 30-second stops at each station. At T4S, take escalator/stairs to level -1 and go through passport control.
- Arriving passengers at T4 - transferring to T4S by underground train - should proceed to level 1 and complete passport control.
Satellite Building T4S,
located between the runways, has over 26 aircraft stands with air-bridge access. Passport Control for arriving passengers is on both levels 0 & 2.
- Security checkpoints for American Airlines, ElAl Israel & LATAM are at Departures level 1.
- Security checkpoints for transit passengers are on levels 0 & 2:
   - level 0 - leads to M gates
M22-M51 (M29-22 left; M33-M51 right);
   - level 1 - leads to R, U & S gates: Gates S33-S35 (center),  gates S37-S51& U55-U74 ( right), gates S29-S20 & R16-R1 (left) -
occupied by  American at R gates, Iberia at U gates and  El Al Israel*, Grupo LATAM at S gates.   Level 1 of T4S offers 2 coffee shops, a deli, fast-food & restaurants, Global Blue &, Global Exchange. (* El Al-Israel security checkpoint is near gates S49-51.
   - level 2 - connecting flight security checkpoint leading to gates R, S & U.

Amenities and services inside the terminal complex: Barajas  Airport offers all the amenities of a great airport: extensive dining, shopping, banking, currency exchanges, business and personal services, tour operators, and more. (A new shopping center with over 40,000 square meters includes 20 stores, offering upscale merchandise).
    VIP Lounges at Barajas Airport: 
The Cibeles, Neptuno, Puerta de Alcala, Puerta del Sol, and Plaza Mayor VIP lounges are all pay-in lounges (much cheaper online, more expensive at the counter).  Neptuno is at T4S, level 2 - for its passengers only. 
Plaza Mayor at T4, level 1, in the shopping area. is for Schengen flights
- Amnios Aena Room for non-Schengen flights (tel. 913 337 024) at T4S, P2 (level 2);
- LaRevoltosa Aena for Schengen flights (tel. 913 337 024) at T4, P1;
- Cibeles Aena for non-Schengen flights (tel. 913 245 112) at T1, P2;
- Puerto de Alcala Aena for domestic & Schengen flights (tel. 913 936 112) at T2, P1
- Puerta del Sol Aena for domestic & Schengen flights (tel. 913 243 564) at T3, P2.
- Premium Lounge at T4 for check-in of bags, privase security check & baggage reclaim; escort to runway.
- Business Center at T4, level P2 - for meetings: tel. 913-337-024 / 917-4666 27; fax 913 338 619 or e-mail [email protected]
    Airline Information Desks for Transfer Passengers: (T = Terminal; TS = T4's satellite; P = Level; Info = Information)
- Aena (tel. 902 404 704) at T4S, P0, with connection to T1, T2, T3
- Air Europa (tel. 902 401 501) at T2, P0, and T1, P1, boarding area E ;
- American (tel. 902 115 570) at T4S, P1;
- El Al Israel (tel. 915 412 005) at T4S, P1, boarding area S;
- Emirates tel. 912 757 792) at T4S, P1, boarding area R;  and P2;
- GroundForce (tel. 93 937 031) at  T1, P1;  boarding area E;
- Iberia (tel. 902 400 500) two at T4, P1, boarding areas H & K;  three at T4S: at P0 boarding area M, at P1 boarding area S;  and at P2;
- LATAM (tel. 902 112 424) at T4S, P1, boarding area S and at P2;
- Flight connecting hall at T4 & T4S on level P0:  Be prepared for a long transfer, even with moving walkways!

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