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Flight Arrivals To Eugene Airport (EUG)

Are you planning a trip to Eugene, Oregon? If so, you'll likely be arriving at Eugene Airport, also known as Mahlon Sweet Field. With an average of 32 daily arriving flights and approximately 1.5 million passengers disembarking each year, EUG serves several major airlines and offers both domestic and international flights. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about arrival terminals, procedures, baggage claim areas, flight arrival statistics, and how to check your flight status.

Arrival Terminals

Eugene Airport, also known as Mahlon Sweet Field, has one terminal building with two concourses. Concourse A is used for domestic flights, while Concourse B is used for international flights. The airport has six gates in total, with four gates in Concourse A and two gates in Concourse B.

Daily Arriving Flights

EUG Airport has an average of 32 daily arriving flights, with a total of approximately 1.5 million passengers disembarking each year. The airport serves several major airlines, including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

Arrival Procedures for Passengers

For domestic flight arrivals, passengers will disembark at Concourse A and proceed to the baggage claim area located on the lower level of the terminal building. For international flight arrivals, passengers will disembark at Concourse B and proceed to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection area for immigration and customs clearance.

International passengers are required to present their passport, visa (if applicable), and customs declaration form to the CBP officers. They may also be subject to additional screening and questioning. After clearing CBP, passengers can retrieve their luggage and proceed to the airport exit.

Flight Arrival Statistics

The airport receives a considerable number of arriving flights annually. As per the latest statistics, there were around 200,000 passenger arrivals annually. However, sometimes flights can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, technical issues, or air traffic congestion. In such cases, passengers are advised to check their flight status with the airline or airport authorities before heading to the airport.

Baggage Claim Areas

EUG has two baggage claim areas, one for domestic and one for international arrivals. The airport provides luggage carts free of charge for passengers to transport their bags from the baggage claim area to the pickup area. Additionally, there are baggage storage facilities available at the airport for passengers who need to store their bags temporarily.

Checking Arrival Status

Passengers and their friends or family members waiting at Eugene Airport can check the arrival status of a flight through the airport's website or mobile app. The website provides real-time information about the flight's arrival time, gate number, and baggage claim area. Alternatively, passengers can also check their flight status with the airline they are traveling with. This information can be helpful in case of delayed arrivals or changes in flight schedules.

We hope you find this information useful for your arrival at EUG Airport . It is always a good idea to check directly with your airline for arriving flight information, or at the airport information desk for the most current information. Safe travels!