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Missoula Convention and Visitors Bureau - Tel: 1-800-526-3465


The locals know. Don't be afraid to ask them about what is worth seeing or doing. Get out there and find out what Missoula has to offer!

* Canoeing and microbrews. - Enjoy the unique Montana summers!
* Missoula's lifestyle - Get some food from the numerous vendors at Out To Lunch.
* A family friendly town - Hit the town on foot.
* Always something to do - Go float the rivers.
* You can walk anywhere to a trailhead - Get hiking!
* Friendly people.
* Location, location... oh yes, and the scenery - Get outdoors!
* Mountain biking the Sawmill Gulch - Bring an inner-tube.
* Getting on the river - and see a show Friday night downtown.
* Amazing hiking in the Rattlesnake!
* The open space, trails near town and the river.
Tip: Go to Farmers Market in the summer, and get some ice cream at Big Dipper!

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