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Layover Ideas Wilmington New Castle Airport ILG

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Top 5 Layover Ideas for Wilmington New Castle Airport

Experiencing a layover at the Wilmington New Castle Airport (ILG) doesn't have to be a boring wait. With a little planning, you can turn your layover into an exciting mini-vacation. Here are our top 5 layover ideas at Wilmington New Castle Airport that you can enjoy within 12 hours.

1. Explore New Castle Historic District

Just a short drive from the airport, you'll find the New Castle Historic District. This charming area is filled with cobblestone streets, historic homes, and quaint shops. Spend a few hours strolling around the district, taking in the beautiful architecture and soaking up the local history.

2. Visit the Delaware Art Museum

If you're an art enthusiast, take a trip to the Delaware Art Museum. The museum houses an impressive collection of American art and illustration from the 19th to the 21st century, as well as the British Pre-Raphaelite art. It's a great way to spend a few hours immersing yourself in culture and creativity.

3. Discover the Delaware Children's Museum

If you're traveling with children, the Delaware Children's Museum is a must-visit. This interactive, educational, and fun-filled museum offers a variety of exhibits that cater to children of all ages. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained during your layover.

4. Unwind at the Wilmington Riverwalk

For a more relaxed layover, head to the Wilmington Riverwalk. This scenic walkway along the Christina River offers beautiful views, a variety of restaurants and cafes, and a peaceful environment to unwind before your next flight.

5. Indulge in Local Cuisine

Don't miss the opportunity to taste some local Delaware cuisine during your layover. From seafood to the famous Delaware chicken, there's a wide range of delicious food to try. There are several restaurants near the airport where you can enjoy a meal before heading back for your flight.

Helpful Tips & Resources

Need help navigating your way through an unfamiliar airport? Look no further than iFly.com for expert tips and advice. Here are some helpful tips to help you travel stress-free through ILG Airport:

  • Don't let heavy bags slow you down! Make use of our airport's complimentary baggage carts, available for all travelers in the baggage claim area.
  • If you have some time before your departure, relax, grab a bite at one of ILG's restaurants, peruse the shops, or jump on the free internet and surf galore!
  • If you are flying in business or first class (or are a member), check out where the airline club lounges are located.
  • Once you have passed through security, you can use the airport map to find your gate, as well as the various restaurants and shops that are available on your route.
  • Surf to your heart's content. Jump on Wilmington New Castle airport's internet (free!)
  • For those (dreaded) early-morning flights, consider one of the airport hotels on or near ILG to spend the night prior to your flight. In many cases your parking for the trip's duration is free!
  • Have a flight arriving and want a fast way to get to your destination? Here are a few taxi and limo airport service providers that service the airport.

Nearby Attractions for an Extended Layover

If your layover at the Wilmington New Castle Airport (ILG) extends beyond 12 hours, there's no need to worry. You have a golden opportunity to explore some of the nearby attractions and immerse yourself in the local culture. Here are some of the activities you can do if you have 12-48 hours to spare.

1. Visit the Longwood Gardens

Located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the Longwood Gardens is a must-visit for nature lovers. It's a short drive from the airport and offers a stunning display of exotic plants and flowers, beautiful fountains, and excellent walking paths. Spend a day exploring the gardens and enjoying the serene environment.

2. Explore the Brandywine River Museum of Art

Art enthusiasts will appreciate a visit to the Brandywine River Museum of Art. Located in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, the museum is known for its collection of American art, with a focus on the works of the Wyeth family. Spend a few hours exploring the museum and its beautiful surroundings.

3. Discover the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

If you're interested in American decorative arts, a visit to the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library is a must. Located in Winterthur, Delaware, the museum houses an extensive collection of American antiques and is surrounded by a beautiful 60-acre naturalistic garden.

4. Take a Trip to the Delaware Seashore State Park

For those who prefer outdoor activities, the Delaware Seashore State Park is an excellent choice. Located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the park offers beautiful beaches, excellent fishing and surfing spots, and a variety of hiking trails.

5. Experience the Nemours Estate

Step back in time with a visit to the Nemours Estate. Located in Wilmington, Delaware, the estate is a magnificent example of a French chateau and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and grounds. Explore the mansion, stroll through the gardens, or simply enjoy the opulence of the estate.

Updated on: November 22, 2023

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