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The Main passenger terminal at Osaka Airport is divided between North, Central & South Terminals.  All Flights are domestic flights only.  ANA & IBX passengers depart from & arrive at the South Terminal  - JAL, JAC & AMX passengers depart from & arrive at the North Terminal.
    Level 1 is the Arrivals level and houses the ticket lobby, arrivals lobby, food & drink establishments and shops.  This level is divided into four sections (east to west): 1. JAL/AMX arrival gate at North Arrival Terminal;  2. North Terminal; 3. Central terminal;  4. ANA/IBEX Arrival gate at South Terminal.
    Level 2 is the Departures level and houses a departure lobby, with check-in facilities (Group east, JAL center, JAL & AMEX west), food & drink and retail concessions; and access to gates 5 through 25. This level is divided into three sections (east to west):
- JAL/AMX Departure Gate at North Terminal; 
- Monorail Line;
- ANA/IBEX Departure Gate at South Terminal.
    Level 3 houses restaurants & offices;
    Level 4 offers food & drink and retail concessions, and the 'La Sora' observation deck. 

The new Low-Cost Carrier Terminal opened Jan. 26, 2017, when Peach & Spring airlines moved in. It houses a large walk through duty-free zone with  no partitions between the new duty-free stores.  Due to installation of the latest technology for security checks, only one-third of waiting time will be needed.

Services & amenities inside the terminals:
Wireless LAN access is available throughout both terminals.
Information centers are at both South & West Terminals: on the first level in the Arrivals Lobbies and on the second level in the Departure Lobbies, and  are open 6:30am-9:30pm (tel. +81 (0)6 6856 6781).
Lost & Found is at the security guard station (tel. +81 (0)6 6856-6634) at the Central Block level 1; which also has a post office, the police station and a medical & dental clinic.
Banking & currency services are listed separately.
Copy, fax, & mobil phone charging are in Central Block, level 1 ('Skybook) & level 2 ('Take off');
Internet terminals (coin-operated) are In the South & North Terminals' Departures lobbies & boarding gates, and in the Arrivals lobbies;
A credit holder lounge is in Central Block 2F.
Meeting rooms - Hoshi-n-ma is in North Terminal 4F, and  Sora-no-ma is in Central Bock 3F - (tel. +81 (0)6 6856-7230).
Baggage storage is in both terminals at 1F Arrivals Lobby; and and baggage delivery in 1F ticket & Arrival Lobby.

Transfer between Kansai & Osaka Airports: New coaches run frequently between the two airports.  Bus tickets can be obtained at Counter B in Limo-Bus Boarding area on level 1 of Terminal 1 and at Osaka Itami at Limo-Bus Counters in South & North Terminals.

Important telephone numbers: (all numbers below precede +81 (0)6-6856)
Meeting Room Reservations (for Hoshi-no-ma & Sora-no-ma): 7230
Post Office: 1060
Baggage Storage: 6643; Baggage Delivery Sevice: 8330
Medical Center: 6485
Nitta Dental Clinic: 7484

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