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San Pedro Sula International Airport SAP

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San Pedro Sula International Airport SAP - also known as 'Ramon Villeda Morales' Airport - is Hunduras' busiest airport and serves the city of San Pedro Sula and its surrounding areas located in the northeast of the country. Due to a better airplane approach and smoother arrival, it is the preferred airport for travelers (instead of Toncontin Airport located in Tegucigalpa). The Airport operator is Aeropuertos de Honduras /InterAirports, S.A.

SAP Airport is located 21 km from San Pedro Sula, Honduras (Central America), and is accessible via Hwy 765. 

With a long runway and an about 745,000 passengers annually, San Pedro Sula International is served by a number of Central American and US airlines (American & United) offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe..
The Airport also provides short connections to tourist attractions such as the Mayan Ruins of Copan, La Ceiba, and the Caribbean beaches of Roatan and Tela.

  - Passengers departure taxes (about $40) are earmarked to finance the airport expansion.
  - U.S. travelers should first turn to currently updated
  - Choice Aire started public charter services to New rleans in December 2016.

The passenger terminal at San Pedro Sula Airport
offers food & drink, rental car counters, business center, banking facilities, book & souvenir shops & tourist offices. It also offers two VIP lounges for TACA and for BAC Credomatic,  and one lounge for Diplomats.

From San Pedro Sula Airport: Aside from renting a car or taking a taxi or shuttle, you can board the luxury shuttle service offered by Hedman Alas, tel. 668-0179 (located outside of Customs when exiting the terminal) to the Tela or San Pedro Sula bus terminal, where Hedman buses connect to Honduras and Guatemalan destinations.


San Pedro Sula, Cortez, 4719
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: (504) 2668-3260 /61/62 - 68

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