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TSA Security Wait Times Spokane Airport GEG

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Spokane Airport (GEG) TSA Security Wait Times

Spokane International Airport is committed to ensuring a seamless and secure journey for all its passengers. By offering insights into wait times, the airport aims to enhance the overall travel experience, giving you the opportunity to unwind or explore the airport's amenities.

Flight Delays

It's wise to check for any potential flight delays before heading to the airport. Utilize iFly's Flight Tracker to keep abreast of the latest information on arrivals and departures.

Security Checkpoint Information

At GEG, travelers can expect an efficient security screening process at the main checkpoint, which is equipped with smart technology to streamline the procedure. This airport has TSA PreCheck lanes, see hours of operation below.

Terminal 1 Checkpoint

Available for all passengers, including those who can access TSA PreCheck lanes. Spokane International Airport advises passengers to arrive 2 to 3 hours before their scheduled flight departure, factoring in additional time for parking as necessary.

TSA Wait Times

The wait times at GEG can fluctuate, particularly during busy travel seasons. While real-time wait times are offered, they may not fully reflect the actual wait time upon your arrival at the airport.

TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is accessible at both security checkpoints, facilitating an expedited screening process for enrolled passengers. Most travelers with PreCheck experience wait times of less than 5 minutes. PreCheck operating hours at Spokane Airport are limited to peak travel times in the morning hours.

The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) advises that the hours for TSA PreCheck may vary depending on operational requirements. Furthermore, TSA emphasizes the integration of variable security protocols across the airport, ensuring that expedited screening is not assured for any traveler.

Understanding Airport Wait Times

The security wait times at GEG are typically manageable, thanks to the application of advanced data analytics and effective TSA staffing strategies. However, these wait times are estimations and subject to change. Passengers are encouraged to arrive ahead of their scheduled flights to ensure ample time for security screening and airline check-in, in line with the arrival times recommended by their respective airlines.

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TSA Pre Check at GEG


Terminal 1

AB CKPT (4:45-5:45; 11:45-12:45)
C CKPT (3:45-4:30; 7:00-8:00)

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Spokane Airport wait times Q&A

Passengers are advised to arrive 2 to 3 hours before their scheduled flight departure. This recommendation includes additional time for parking and navigating through the airport.
Yes, TSA PreCheck lanes are accessible at both security checkpoints at the airport, offering expedited screening for enrolled passengers.
TSA PreCheck operating hours at the airport are primarily during peak travel times in the morning. However, these hours may vary based on operational needs and are subject to change.
Yes, real-time wait times are available, but they may not fully reflect the actual wait time upon arrival at the airport due to fluctuations, especially during busy travel seasons.
Most travelers with TSA PreCheck experience wait times of less than 5 minutes, although this can vary depending on the time and day.
The airport utilizes advanced data analytics and effective TSA staffing strategies to manage and estimate security wait times, aiming to keep them manageable for travelers.
The information provided does not mention Clear Plus or other expedited security screening services besides TSA PreCheck. Travelers interested in such services should check directly with the airport or service providers for availability.