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Airports In Colorado With Commercial Flights

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Major Commercial Airports in Colorado

Colorado, a state known for its diverse landscapes of arid desert, river canyons, and the snow-covered Rocky Mountains, is also home to several major commercial airports. These airports serve as a gateway to the state's numerous attractions, including national parks, vibrant cities, and world-renowned ski resorts. Whether you're flying into the bustling Denver Airport or the picturesque Aspen Pitkin County Airport, you'll find Colorado's airports to be well-equipped with modern amenities and well-connected to major destinations. In this guide, we'll introduce you to the major commercial airports in Colorado, listed in order of passenger volume.

Denver Airport

Located in the heart of the American Midwest, Denver Airport, also known by its IATA code DEN, is one of the busiest airports in the United States. Serving as a major hub for numerous airlines, the airport connects Denver to destinations across the world. Known for its distinctive peaked roof, which is reminiscent of the snow-capped mountains surrounding the city, Denver Airport is often simply referred to as DIA.

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport

Located in the city of Colorado Springs, the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (IATA Code: COS) is a key gateway for travelers heading to this part of Colorado. Known locally simply as "The Springs Airport", this facility offers a range of services and amenities for travelers, and is well-connected to the city and the wider region.

Grand Junction Regional Airport

The Grand Junction Regional Airport (IATA Code: GJT) is located in Grand Junction, Colorado. Often referred to by its IATA Code, GJT, this airport serves as a vital hub for travelers in the Western Slope region of Colorado. The airport is conveniently located close to the city center, offering easy access to a variety of local attractions and accommodations. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Grand Junction Regional Airport offers a range of services to meet your travel needs.

Durango La Plata County Airport

The Durango La Plata County Airport (IATA Code: DRO) is located in the city of Durango, within the beautiful La Plata County of Colorado, USA. This airport serves as a major gateway for travelers heading to Southwest Colorado, providing connections to multiple major cities. Despite being a smaller airport, it plays a significant role in the region's tourism and transportation infrastructure. It doesn't have a specific nickname, but it's often simply referred to as the Durango Airport.

Aspen Pitkin County Airport

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen Pitkin County Airport (IATA Code: ASE) serves as the gateway to the world-renowned ski resorts of Aspen, Colorado. Known colloquially as "Sardy Field," this airport is unique for its picturesque mountain setting and its close proximity to the ski slopes. Despite its small size, Aspen Pitkin County Airport offers an array of services and amenities for travelers, including car rental facilities, a restaurant, and a gift shop. Its location and charm make it a popular choice for both domestic and international travelers looking to experience the beauty and adventure of Aspen.

Vail Eagle County Airport

Located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, the Vail Eagle County Airport (IATA Code: EGE) is often simply referred to as "Eagle Airport". This airport is the gateway to the world-renowned ski resorts of Vail and Beaver Creek. Offering a plethora of flights during the winter ski season, it is a popular choice for travelers seeking the thrill of the slopes. The airport's mountainous backdrop and the nearby picturesque towns make it a charming arrival point for any journey.

Pueblo Memorial Airport

Located in the city of Pueblo, Colorado, the Pueblo Memorial Airport (IATA Code: PUB) is a significant hub for air travel in the region. While it doesn't have a widely recognized nickname, it is known for its efficient service and easy accessibility. The airport is a crucial part of the city's infrastructure, providing commercial, general aviation, and military services. It's a gateway to the city for travelers, making their journey to Pueblo smoother and more convenient.

Yampa Valley Airport (HDN)

Located in the heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, the Yampa Valley Airport (HDN) is the gateway to a plethora of outdoor adventures. Serving the city of Steamboat Springs and the wider Yampa Valley region, this airport is often referred to as "Steamboat Springs Airport". It's best known for its easy access to world-class ski resorts and stunning mountain landscapes. With its IATA code HDN, the Yampa Valley Airport is a favorite among winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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