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Medical & Handicapped Help

Providence Green Airport PVD
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Emergency / Medical Servicesat Providence Green PVD Airport

Dial 9-1-1 for an emergency. Otherwise contact the Airport Police (401)-737-7789.

Other emergency numbers;
RI Emergency Response Commission: 401-946-9996
RI State Police: Lincoln Woods Barracks 401-539-2323
FBI: Boston, MA 617-742-5533
National Response Center: for reporting oil and chemical spills 1-800-424-8802
U.S. Coast Guard: Marine Safety Office Providence 401-435-2300
U.S. Customs Service: Boston 617-565-7400
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA): Boston 617-557-2100
U.S. Marshals Service: Providence 401-528-5300
U.S. Secret Service: Providence 401-331-6456

People With Special Needs / Persons With Disabilities

The T.F. Green International Airport terminal complex is designed for convenience and ease of use for everyone.

Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off:
All passenger pick-up (lower level) and drop-off (upper level) locations are accessible to airport entrances. Skycap service is located on the upper level to assist with baggage.

Contact skycap stations or airline ticket agents on the upper level for wheelchairs and assistance. Your airline should be notified in advance if you require any special assistance.

There are elevators located in the main terminal for easy access.

There are handicapped accessible restrooms throughout the terminals.

Telecommunication Devices:
Telecommunications devices are available for the visually and hearing challenged individuals.