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Guest Services at Tucson TUS Airport

Other services offered at Tuscon Airport:

An Information Booth is located on the Ground Floor near the Baggage Claim area.   U.S. Customs is in the International Building.
The Military Liaison Office is open 24/7 -- tel. 520-573-8374.
A Military Lounge is in the Arrivals area of the ground level, behind baggage carousel 4, and open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm (tel. 520-889-5642).  It offers a place for active, reserve and retired military personnel and dependents to relax, have a snack, or watch TV while at TIA. Operated by the Veterans Affairs Committee of Tucson and the Garrison Command of Ft. Huachuca, the lounge also provides Military personnel information on shuttle transportation when traveling to posts in Southern Arizona.
Contacts from outside the Airport:
Paging and Information: 520-573-8100
Lost and Found: 520-573-8156
Email Inquiries: [email protected]
Police & Medical Emergencies: 520-573-8182

Lost & Found

The Lost and Found office at TUS Airport is located on the baggage claim level of the Main Terminal - west of the center escalators - open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (for after-hour pickup call 520-573-8156 during business hours. Items are stored for 30 days before disposal.

1. If you lost an item onboard your airplane, contact your airline.
2. If you lost an item at the TSA checkpoint, call 520-799-9313 or 866-289-9673.
3. If you lost an item in the passenger terminal or parking facilities, call 520-573-8156.

Mail Center

Mailboxes at TUS Airport are at pre-security area of both concourses: 


Airline policies regarding pets vary widely and it is highly recommended that you contact the airline prior to making a reservation. 

A Pet Relief Area is outside of the baggage belt 7 (lower level).


International Travelers at Tucson TUS Airport

All international arrivals - with the exception of those who went through U.S. Customs clearance at participating airports - need to go through passport control, pick up their bags and go with them through Customs clearance .  If they continue their journey  they need to re-check-in their bags where indicated, before proceeding to to their connecting flight's gate.  For Terminal and /or Concourse connections, please refer to 'Terminal Map' page.

NOTE: Prior to departure make sure that your original airline will transfer bags to your connecting flight - if not, you need, after customs clearance, take them to your connecting terminal and  check them in at your connecting airline counter before proceeding to your gate.