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Airport Overview

Westchester County Airport is also known as White Plains Airport as per the Official Airline Guide. It is a primary commercial service airport located 3.2 nautical miles ( 6 km; 3 mi) northeast of downtown White Plains with territory in the villages of Rye Brook and Harrison.

HPN Airport is owned and operated by the County of Westchester. It covers an area of 702 acres (284 ha).

More information about the airport can be found below. 

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Westchester County Airport (HPN) Terminals

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HPN - White Plains, NY - Westchester County Airport
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Airport Stats & Facts

  • HPN is currently served by five airlines to sixteen locations around the United States, including regional code-sharing affiliates with regular flights for their main airline partners. Flights are also available on two scheduled charter airlines.

Airport Traveling Tips

  • Passengers are advised to arrive at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure time to account for TSA security wait times and any possible delays.
  • To ensure a smooth check-in process, passengers should pack carry-on luggage in a suitable manner, have photo ID ready, and read all the airline guidelines properly prior to arriving at the airport.
  • Please take a look at the HPN Airport Map before visiting the airport for a flight.

Passenger Pickup and Drop-off

  • Passengers can be dropped off and picked up at the terminal curbs.
  • There is a limited amount of curb space in front of the main terminal. Vehicles that are not picking up or dropping off passengers may not loiter or linger. This policy is extremely strictly enforced. Unattended automobiles will be taken away, and standing vehicles will be penalized.

Flight Status

  • For arriving flights: Arriving flight status provides Westchester CountyAirport arrival times, gate information, time to land, and delays.
  • For departing flights: Departing flights status shows actual vs scheduled departure, map tracking, departure times, flight delays, and gate information.
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Airport Terminals

Westchester County Airport has a main terminal with 6 gates on one concourse.

For more information, please refer to the HPN Terminal Map here.

Airlines Served

The various airlines served at Westchester County Airport include American Airlines, American Eagle, Delta Air Lines, and more.

View the full list of airlines served at HPN here.

Airport Parking

Parking Lot

The Parking lot is one of the most convenient parking options at HPN Airport. It is adjacent to the main terminal building that is open 24 hours a day.


$3.60 per half hour

$7.20 per hour

$30 up to 24 hours

Cell Waiting Area

Another comfortable option to park at Westchester County Airport is the Cell Waiting Area. It is conveniently located about a half-mile from the terminal, along Airport Road. It has a digital message board that displays all arrival information as well as restroom facilities.


$3.60 per half hour

$7.20 per hour

$30 up to 24 hours

Ground Transportation

Westchester County Airport offers a variety of transportation choices, including automobiles, taxis, and limousines, as well as the Bee-Line bus system, which has connections to the MTA Metro-North Railroad.

Car Rentals

Rental car drop-off and pick-up lots are conveniently placed near the main terminal. Travelers who plan to use a fixed base operator should get in touch with them directly so that automobile rental services can be tailored to their needs. Avis, Alamo, Hertz, are some of the well-known providers for rental cars.


Taxis at HPN Airport can be found at the main terminal. At the airport, taxi cruising seeking passengers and hailing unoccupied cabs are prohibited.

Buses & Trains

Westchester Airport’s Bus is located on the island in front of the main terminal. Bee-Line bus route 12 connects the airport with the TransCenter in downtown White Plains on a daily basis.

Amenities & Services

To help you have an amazing stay, Westchester County Airport provides visitors with different amenities and services including:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  • Stores, gift shops, and local souvenir shops.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet throughout the airport.
  • Multiple art installations and exhibits on display.

Contact Information

Address: 240 Airport Road, White Plains, NY 10604 USA

Website: http://airport.westchestergov.com/

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: (914) 995-4860

Westchester County Airport: A Brief History Timeline

  • In 1942 During World War II, Westchester County Airport was erected to house an Air National Guard unit to safeguard New York City and Rye Lake, which is part of the city's water supply system.
  • In late 1949, American Airlines launched the first scheduled airline flights with a daily morning flight from LaGuardia Airport in New York to HPN, then on to Syracuse Hancock International Airport and beyond before returning in the evening.
  • American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Republic Airlines (1979-1986), United Airlines, and USAir were among the major airlines that used to fly into the airport (now part of American Airlines).
  • The airport was also served by new start-up carriers Air Florida, AirTran Airways, Carnival Air Lines, and Midway Airlines. In 2006, AirTran Airways began flying from the airport to Atlanta, Orlando, and West Palm Beach. These flights ceased in August 2012.

Westchester County Airport Q&A

The airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep in mind that TSA, airline check-in, and luggage drop hours are all subject to change depending on the flight itinerary. Consult your airline for these times.
Facilities at Westchester include ATMs, business workstations, baby-changing facilities as well as a number of shops and restaurants.
For lost luggage, or items left on an aircraft, contact the airline directly. For carry-on items or articles left at the TSA security checkpoint area, call (914) 289-4901.
HPN Westchester airport complies with ADA (American Disabilities Act) code requirements. Wheelchairs are available to disabled passengers; those passengers seeking assistance should contact their airline prior to their arrival at the airport.