Internet Access at Austin Bergstrom AUS Airport

Free Boingo internet kiosks are available near gates 8, 12 & 5 and in the baggage claim area next to the Visitor center.
Boingo Wireless is the sole provider at AUS Airport -- If you do not have an account with Boingo you can access Boingo Unlimited for a 24-hour pass or a monthly account.
Boingo Wireless is the exclusive Wi-Fi service for travelers throughout the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Barbara Jordan Terminal. With Boingo service, Austin travelers get online with a fast, reliable and easy-to-use connection, browse, upload and download files for work, check email, and anything else that needs a high-speed connection.

Travelers may log-in to the Wi-Fi network by using an existing Boingo account, or an account with one of Boingo’s many roaming partners. Travelers without a Boingo account can get online with either a Boingo Unlimited account for $9.95 a month, or a 24-hour pass for $7.95.