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Berlin Tegel Airport ( TXL ) Terminal Map Information

Berlin Tegel Airport Terminal Map Overview

Berlin Tegel TXL Terminal Map TXL Terminal A TXL Terminal C TXL Terminal D


Berlin Tegel Airport has presently four operational passenger terminals - TC, TB, TA, TE & TD - arranged around the circle road in that succession - the first Terminal when entering the Airport is Terminal C. The Flight Tower is between TC & TB (closer to TB). Terminals A & B are connected at their gate areas, Terminals E & D are south of TB.

for speedier border control has recently been added to Terminal C at 4 'eGates'.
   Two 'napcab' sleeping cabins - available 24/7, are to be used for up to 12 hours, with single bed & work area, WiFi access, smartphone docking station and TV with touch screen for flight info. Locaton: Sky Conference area - reached from level 3 of Terminal B via triple elevator near Main Hall, or by stairs in north tower.
   New 'Family area' for passengers with children:  Terminal TC1 offers a new children's play area.

Terminal A is the largest of the terminals, built in a hexagon shape with short-term parking in its center, surrounded by road with access to the unsecured areas of the terminal. TA is adjacent to terminals B & E.  The large 'Boulevard Tegel' in front of TA offers information & other services, and - after security check - leads via two separate entrances to gates A0 - A15 surrounding the outside of the hexagon-shaped building .  Transportation means Local bus, iercity coaches, depart on the ground level 0 across from TA & TB.  Security checks are located past passenger check-in facilities located in the unsecured areas of the terminals.
    The Service Center on the ground level offers baggage storage, baggage lost/found office, ATM machine & currency exchange, mail drop box & hair salon.
    VAT refund  is available at the Terminal A Service Center and at Boulevard Tegel.
    The Main Hall on level 1 has a pharmacy, 2 VIP lounges, a cafe, & restaurat and access to the trael market.
    The boarding area houses gates A0-A15 (with connections at A0  to TB's gates B0-39) .
Airline/ VIP Lounges:  While all airline lounges are in Terminal A, level 1, the Berlin Airport Club Lounge is on Level 2.
(Telephone numbers below start with Country & City codes:  +49 30) :
- Air France Lounge - tel. 41012727
- Berlin Airport Club Lounge - tel. 41013427
- British Airways Terraces Lounge - tel. 41012635
- Globe Ground VIP Lounge - tel. 41013093
- Lufthansa Lounge - tel. 566370
Terminal B, a small terminal with gates B20-39, connects to Terminal A near gate A0.
Terminal C (northeast of the Flight Tower): the main terminal is divided into two sections - each with their own baggage claim area and gates: Its gate area consists of  gates C38-55 (left), gates C60-73 (right); and gates C80-89 (south)
Terminal D, south of TE has recently been refurbished, and houses gates D70-80
Terminal E, a small terminal between TA & TD, has gates E16-18 on level 0.  Four of the e-Gates offers EasyPass (see NEW above)

The AIRVIS traffic information system - aside for traffic updates, indicates the quickest way to bus stops, and bus departures to City Center - with suggestions for alternative transport.

Current and future Airport developments:  As new Berlin Brandenburg Airport is not expected to open before 2018/19, Tegel and Schoenefeld Airports proceeded with upgrading their airports.
- Tegel Airport  upgrades include Infrastructure, Service & Personnel. Also, evaluation will be made for the need of additional construction work, improving handling process at Terminal C.