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Boise Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you pick up a passenger at Boise Airport, it is suggested that you use the Cell Phone Waiting Lot, located along the Airport's entrance road.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Other Parking options and fees at Boise Airport:   Across from the Passenger Terminal is the Central Garage for long-term parking, and in front of it the Short--term Surface Lot. As you enter from I-84 /Vista Av. - leading to Airport Way with access the Central Garage first, and then the Long-term Surface Lot in front of it. Continuing on Airport Way, is the exit to the West Garage.  NOTE:  parking fees are estimates.
    Short-Term Lot is across from the passenger terminal.
Fees: each 30 mins $1; daily $21.50.
    Long-Term Central Garage is directly accessible from the Terminal by Skybridge.
Fees: each 30 mins $1; daily $11.50
    West Garage is right behind the short-term lot and was recently extended.(Garage is accessible via Airport Road); Level 1 is for short-term; levels 2-4 are for long-term parking.
Fees: (a) short-term: Fees: each 30 mins $1; daily $21.50;  long-term: each hr $1; daily $11.50.
    Long-term Surface Lot is behind the Garage.   (Long-term lot is accessible via Airport Road);
Fees: each 30 mins $1; daily $9
    The Economy / Overflow Lot at the intersection of Victory Rd., Orchard  & Wright Streets (near I-84 exit) is presently used as Overflow Lot only - with shuttle service).

Payment options: Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted. You can also insert your credit card at the entrance and at the exit use any Express Parc exit lane, insert same credit card & get receipt, whereupon gate will open.

EV Charging Stations in the expanded parking garage now provide 30 amps of free power.

For more parking information call AMPCO at 208-343-8761. 
A Chevron station is on 2828 Airport Way.

Boise ( BOI ) Airport Parking Map

Boise BOI airport parking map

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