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Brisbane Airport Parking Rates & Information

Are you traveling to Brisbane Airport and looking for the perfect parking spot at Brisbane Airport (BNE)? Read this BNE parking guide to have answers to all your questions.

There are 5 main parking areas at Brisbane Airport:

  • BNE Short Term Parking
  • BNE Long Term Parking
  • BNE Park Premium
  • BNE Guaranteed Space
  • BNE ParkValet Valet Parking

Being the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland, BNE Airport can see a big crowd at the parking spaces. Fortunately, in order to put every visitor at ease, the airport has designated parking spaces, including BNE short term parking, premium parking, and even guaranteed parking spaces.

Brisbane Airport parking rates can vary depending on the lot and duration, so please check for specific rates below.

Short-Term Parking - ParkShort

Location: At the International and Domestic Terminals

Type: Garage

To Terminals: Walking distance

Ideal for short term parking up to 4 hours, BNE short term parking facility is just a 2-5 minute walk to the Terminals. Operating 24/7, ParkShort is a great parking option for picking up or dropping off family and friends.

ParkShort Short-Term Parking Rates

Up to 30 minutes $9

30-60 minutes $19

1-2 hours $23

2-3 hours $28

3-4 hours $29

4-24 hours $57

Each additional day $55

Long-Term Parking - ParkLong

Location: Closest long term parking to the Terminals

Type: Garage

To Terminals: Walking distance

ParkLong is just a few steps away from either Terminal. It is situated on Levels 5-9 of P1 and Levels 1-6 of P2 at the Domestic Terminal, and on Levels 2-4 at the International Terminal car park.

ParkLong Long Term Parking Rates

4-24 hours $57

2 days $77

3 days $97

4 days $116

5 days $136
6 days $146

7 days $156

8 days $166

9 days $178

10 days $190

11 days $202

12 days $214

13 days $226

Each additional day $12


Location: Level 3 of the Domestic Terminal

Type: Garage

To Terminals: Walking distance

Located on Level 3 next to the skywalk on the Domestic Terminal, ParkPremium lets you easily find a convenient parking space. You get access to the Terminal via the skywalk. With express entry and exit, the parking facility is laced with a safe and secure with 24 hour CCTV.

ParkPremium Parking Rates

4-24 hours $89

2 days $109

3 days $129

4 days $149

5 days $169

6 days $189

7 days $209

8 days $229

9 days $249

10 days $269

11 days $289

12 days $309

13 days $329

14 days $349

Each additional day $20

Guaranteed Space

Location: Level 2 of P1 and Level 4 of P2 at the Domestic Terminal

Type: Garage

To Terminals: Walking distance

Guaranteed Space is only available only. This parking space can be reserved in the designated area on Level 2 of P1 and Level 4 of P2 at the Domestic Terminal. You can enjoy the convenience of knowing a free space will surely be waiting for you. Book in advance to reserve your spot as there is limited availability.

ParkValet Valet Parking

Location: Level 3 of P1 at the Domestic Terminal, and on Level 1 at the International Terminal car park

Type: Garage

To Terminals: Walking distance

Use ParkValet to drop off your car and start your travel in a hassle-free manner. ParkValet makes your time easy at the airport, and even easier with BNE concierge service at the Domestic Terminal.

ParkValet Parking Rates

4-24 hours $88

2 days $108

3 days $128

4 days $147

5 days $167

6 days $177

7 days $187

8 days $197

9 days $209

10 days $221

11 days $233

12 days $245

13 days $257

14 days $269

Each additional day $12

Cell Phone Waiting Area

If you’re picking up an arriving passenger from the Airport, you don’t have to drive in circles around the airport precinct to bide time. You can wait in dedicated cell phone waiting areas, before returning to the pick up area once you know that they’ve arrived. A dedicated waiting area is located at both domestic and international terminals. You can check real-time Airport Arrivals on your phone while you wait.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Stations

Electric vehicle parking and charging stations are available at BNE airport when you book ParkValet at the International and Domestic Terminals. ParkValet is the hassle-free way to park your electric vehicle at the airport. EV car charging and parking available via ParkValet at both the Terminals.

Accessible/Handicap Parking

There are many accessible car parking spaces available for people with disabilities within the various Brisbane Airport parking facilities.

  • Domestic Multi-Level Car Park (PARKLONG): 32 accessible car parking spaces; 4 on Level 1, 5 on Level 2, 4 on Level 3, and 8 on each Level from 4-5.
  • International Multi-Level Car Park: 27 accessible car parking spaces; 7 on Level 1 and 5 on each Level from 2-5.

There are dedicated accessible parking spaces located in the ParkValet facility as well.

Brisbane Airport Parking Q&A

Q. Are there cheaper parking options off-airport at BNE?

A: Parking near Brisbane Airport is possible via several off-airport parking lots, including some dedicated lots such as park and fly and hotels. Most offer very competitive parking rates vs the airport lots. Note that parking near BNE at off-site locations almost always requires advanced reservations.

Q. What are BNE Airport parking rates?

A: Brisbane Airport parking is generally affordable relative to other city-based airports. Please check above for specific prices and details for each parking location.

Q. Can I pre-book parking at BNE Airport?

A:Yes. Pre-booking for parking is available. Click here to reserve your spot at Brisbane Airport parking in advance.

Q. What payment methods are accepted at Brisbane Airport BNE?

A: All rates shown above include all taxes and fees. All Brisbane Airport parking facilities accept cash and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. You can pay for parking online. Otherwise, you have to pay upon exiting the car park - either by cash at an Automatic Pay Machine, or by credit card at the exit.

Q. Can I drop a passenger off at the curb?

A: Yes. The pick-up and drop-off kerbside zone is strictly for drivers having passengers ready to be dropped-off or picked-up immediately. Otherwise, you will be asked to move on by a Kerbside Officer. You can wait in the Cell Phone Area until your arriving passenger is at the curb, and check arrivals to BNE.

Q. What is the car park height limit at the Airport?

A: The limit for undercover car park height at the International Terminal is 2.3 metres. The same for Domestic P1 is 2.25 metres and Domestic P2 is 2.4 metres. Brisbane Airport provides options for oversize vehicle parking. The car park height at AIRPARK is 4 metres, and 3.2 metres for AIRPARK Undercover.

Brisbane Airport Parking Map

Brisbane BNE airport parking map

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