Guest Services at Brisbane BNE Airport

Other servcices at Brisbane Airport include:

Baby change/ Parents Rooms facilities include microwave ovens at  International Terminal, levels 2, 3 & 4;  at Domestic terminal at level 2, post-security near gate 38.
Smoking: The international terminal has a smoking balcony (behind Coffeee Club, on level 3
Vending machines are available at International terminal on Levells 1 - 4 and at Domestic terminal at levels 1 & 2.
Charging stations for your mobile devices are located in both terminals: at International trminal on level 3, post-security at JR/Watch Co.; at Domestic terminal opposite Cavu in Common User Ara, lvel 2, and at left-hand side of common user satellite (center), level 2.
Free showers are available at International terminal, level 2, arrivals, at level 3 departures; and at Domestic terminal at level 2 Central area terminal & satellite.

Lost & Found

If you lost an item at the gate area or onboard your airplane, contact your airline's 800 number. 

For items lost in the International Terminal of BNE Airport  - contact the Visitors Information Desk on Level 2;  tel.: +61 7 3406 3190 or e-mail [email protected]
For items lost in the Domestic Terminal, in the common user area, call +61 7 3305 9233, or
(a) Qantas Terminal - tel. +61 7 3867 3264; 
(b) Virgin Blue Terminal - tel. +61 7 3114 8150; or 
(c) Jetstar - tel.+61 7 3336 1753 (in-flights only)
(d) Common user area +61 7 3305 9233
For items lost in cabs, call:  Black & White Cabs: +61 7 3860 1821;Yellow Cabs: 1300 131 924
For items lost at  Staff/Village / T Bus, call+61 7 3406 3190

Mail Center


Pets are not allowed at the airport unless they are working dogs or are in a safe kennel. Contact your airline as to their specific requirements. If you plan to travel with your pet to another country, contact your destination country's embassy as to their regulations concerning documentation and shot requirements.


International Travelers at Brisbane BNE Airport