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Cincinnati N Kentucky Airport ( CVG ) Terminal Map Information

Cincinnati N Kentucky CVG Terminal Map CVG Concourse A CVG Concourse B CVG Main Terminal CVG Terminal 2


Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky  International Airport has now one integrated Main Terminal with parallel-running Concourse buildings  A & B - reached by a tunnel with a walkway or by underground shuttle train running every  90 seconds.
    Level 3 is the Departure level with ticketing/ check-in facilities for Delta (at left with InMotion Entertainment & Starbucks) - all other airlines (at right with Travelmart, mailbox & ATM),  outside curbside check-in, and across from it the AutoPort Garage. Check-in desks are arranged on both sides of the escalator, with InMotion Entertainment & Starbucks on one side, and with TravelMart, mailbox &  ATM. The  'General Boarding' area leads to security check, with stairs and elevators down to airline gates at Concourses A & B.
   Concourse A with gates A1-A23  (and room for more gates) serves presently Air Canada, Allegiant, American, Apple Vacation, Frontier, Southwest and United. The center of Concourse A has a food court and access to Concourse A and ground transportation on opposite ends and an information point in the center.  It offers more dining & shopping options, workstations with outlets, & a childrens play area. The USO Lounge is near gate A15  The Club at CVG, a common-use pay-in passenger lounge near gate A10 offers free WiFi access.
    Concourse B with gates B1-B28 (B11-B1 at left; B13-28 at right) presently serves Delta Airlines, OnceJet (?) and Vacation Express.  It houses in the center an information counter,  a food court, ATM & currency exchange, the Delta Sky Club, a Smoking Lounge and some shops and hase access (center North) to baggage claim & Concourse A.   B gate areas on either side of the center also offers dining & shopping option and an USO Military Lounge near gate B23.
    Level 2 is the Arrivals level  housing the baggage claim with carousels 1 - 3  and 4 - 6 at each side of the center. Both sides offer a host of services, including an Information desk, currency exchange,TSA Pre-check & a chapel, and access to outside ground transportation.
    Level 1 is used as Meeting Point.
- International Arrivals will be processed in Concourse B where they will go through passport check, pick up bags, go through customs clearance and re-check-in  bags; then  take the train to main terminal - or, if continuing journey - proceed to connecting gate, taking only 5 minutes.
- Meeting Point: When entering the lower level of the terminal you see an area with easy chairs and a wall mural of Horse & Rider.  Alternatively, use the free Cell Phone Lot located to your right before approaching the terminal. 
- Airline contacts:
Air Canada 888-437-3931
American 800-433-7300
Allegiant at
Apple Vacations 800-517-2000
Delta 800-221-1212
Fontier 800-432-1359
OneJet 844-663-5381
Southwest 800-435-9792
United 800-241-6522
VacationExpress 800-309-4717

Important contact numbers:
- Contact by mail: to Kenton County Airport Board, PO Box 752000, Cincinnati, OH 45275
- Comments/ Concerns: 950-767-3230
- Double Tree Hotel: 859-371-6166
- Emerency: call Airport Police 859-767-3123
- FSA /Security information: 866-289-9673
- Parking: 859-767-3123
- Police: 859-767-3123
- Post Office: 859-371-4813
-Transportation: Shuttles/Limos 800-990-8841; taxis 859-767-3260
- US Customs: 859-767-7002