Detroit Metropolitian Airport ( DTW ) ATM, Banks & Currency

Banking/ATM Services at Detroit Metropolitian DTW Airport

Post Security
Between Gate A8 and A10
Between Gate A20 and A24
Between Gate A28 and A34
Between Gate A34 and A36
Between Gate A44 and A50
Between Gate A54 and A56
Between Gate A60 and A64
Between Gate A70 and A72
Between Gate B2 and B4
Between Gate B15 and B19
Gate C21
Gate C33
Pre Security 
Parking Garage, Level 6
Post Security
Across from Gate D6
Across from Gate D17
Across from Gate D26
Pre Security 
Ticketing Lobby
Pedestrian Bridge to Parking Deck/Ground Transportation (Level 4)

Currency Exchange at Detroit Metropolitian DTW Airport

ICE Currency exchange booths at DTW - located at pre-security:

1. At the McNamara Terminal: (a) at International Arrivals Level, pre-security, tel. 734-941-1231;  (b) near Gate A38.  Arrivals: tel. 734-941-1231; Departures: tel. 734-941-1202
 2. At the North Terminal :  (a) at the Baggage Claim area, pre-security, tel. 734-955-9414;
(b) near Gates D9 & D10, tel. 734-955-2652.