Detroit Metropolitian Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up a passenger from the Airport, use one of the free Cell Phone Waiting Lots located near the Airport entrances from  I-94 and I-275--stay with your car until your party calls you to be picked up at the curb. Alernatively use the short-term area of the garage connected to the terminal. The passenger bridge on the upper level leads to parking and ground transportation center.
EV Free Plug-in Electric Vehicle charging stations: two on level 8 of McNamara Garage and two on level 4 of Big Blue Deck by the North Terminal. Tjere are six parking spots in ech strucutre. 

Other Parking options and fees at the McNamara and at the North Terminal vicinity: (The parking hotline 24/7 is 800-642-1968):

The McNamara Garage
with 11,500 spaces offers Short- and Long-term, as well as Valet parking. Luggage check-in service and E-Ticket kiosks are on level 6. An enclosed pedestrian bridge connects the garage and the terminal on level 6 of the garage.
  - Valet Parking : First 2 hours $12, for each following hour add $4, 7-8 hrs $36; 8-24 hrs $40.
  - Short-term Parking
: first 30 mins $4, first hr $6, 1-1.5 hrs $7; 1.5-2 hrs $8; each add'l hr is $4, up to 8 hrs $32; 8-24 hrs $33.
  - Daily Parking: first 30 mins $4; first hr $6; 1.5-2 hrs $8; each add'l hr $4 up to 5 hrs $20;  5-24 hrs $23; each add'l day $23 flat rate.

The North Terminal's Big Blue Deck 
with 6,500 spaces - connected to the North Terminal via moving walkway on Level 4 - offers short- & long-term parking. A free shuttle service runs frequently between North & McNamara Terminals' ground transportation center - look for sign 'Terminal to Terminal /Big Blue Deck Shuttle' (tel.. 800-377-1032).
  - Short-term parking:  first 30 mins $4, 1 hr $6, 1.5 hrs $7, 2 hrs $8, each hr thereafter $4, up to 8 hours $32; 8-24 hrs  (daily max) $33.
  - Daily parking:  first 30 mins 4,  1hr $6, 1-1.5 hrs. $7, 1.5-2 hrs $8, 2-3 hrs $12; 3-24 hrs $13; each add'l day $13; 
Green surface lots 1 & 2 are for long-term parking. 
Fees:  daily flat rate of $11.

Payment options: The '1,2,3 Park' automated entry/exit system is now available to everyone at the Yellow and Green Lots, Blue Deck and Short-Term parking areas, and at McNamara Terminal Parking Garage.

For more parking information, call the DTW parking hotline at 1-800-642-1978.

Detroit Metropolitian ( DTW ) Airport Parking Map

Detroit Metropolitian DTW airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near Detroit Metropolitian Airport ( DTW )