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Detroit Metropolitian DTW Terminal Map DTW McNamara Terminal DTW North Terminal


Terminal layout, Getting Around; International Arrivals, Paging Someone, and Terminal Details for McNamara & North Terminals:

The passenger terminal complex at Detroit Metro Airport consists of two terminals - the North Terminal with Concourse D (off Rogell Drive), and the the McNamara Terminal with Concourses A, B & C (off John Dingell Drive) -
connected by a shuttle bus, and accessible from  I-94 (Exit 198) or I-275 (Exit 18).  While currently Delta and its SkyTeam partners Air France & Virgin Atlantic operate from McNamara Terminal, all other airlines operate from the North Terminal.

Getting around: 
A shuttle bus circles the terminal area
and runs every 10 mins between the North Terminal and the Westin Hotel (7 mins), between the hotel and the McNamara Terminal (2 mins) and between the McNamara and North Terminals (7 mins). NOTE: Shuttle buses are subject to airport roadway & traffic conditions - count on one hour between gate-to-gate connections.
Concourse A of McNamara has 1.5 miles of moving walkways, but also uses the Express Tram serving 3 stations - the South station near gate A11, the Terminal station in the center near the water feature, and the North station near gate A67.
Concouses B (left) & C (right)  can only be reached from Concourse A, at its center, by using the tunnel.  C gates C1-C7 are on the lower level, reached in the center of B/C via elcalator.
The Westin Hotel is located at the west side entrance of Concourse A, next to gate A35.

International Arrivals:  Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports in Canada and the Caribbean, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag . You can connect to your departing gates by moving walkways or by taking the Express Tram. 30 new  Automated Passport Control (APCs) kiosks in both terminals may now be used by eligible passengers - considerably cut down on wait times.  NOTE:  It may take up to one hour between international flight arrival and completion of the entry process by the first passenger of this flight.
International Arrivals continuing their journey:  If arriiving on an international flight operated by Lufthansa, Spirit Airlines or Royal Jordanian Airlines - proceed to your connecting airline’s check-in counter to re-check bags. Passengers  connecting to flights operated by Delta, Air France or KLM Royal Dutch should follow signs to 'Ground Transportation' for the free 'Terminal-Westin-Terminal' shuttle to the McNamara Terminal.  Passengers connecting with other airlines need to proceed to their connecting airline’s check-in counter directly above the North Terminal's international arrivals hall.
Paging Someone:  at McNamara Terminal (Delta, Air France & KLM): 734-229-7199; at North Terminal (all other airlines): 734-247-1000.

- Military lounges are at Concourses A & D of Mcamara & North Terminals - see below.
- Industry honors were given in May 2016 to Chang's China Bistro (near gate A36), and Detroit's favorite Italian restaurant  'Andiamo' near gate A30.. 

The McNamara Terminal at Detroit Metro Airport exclusivley served by Delta and its SkyTeam partners Air France & Virgin Atlantic airlines. The McNamara Terminal has 4 levels, is one mile long, with 121 gates in Concourses A & B/C. 
- Departing passengers check in on level 3, go through security check and proceed down to level 2, which leads to boarding area and Gates A1-A38 (south) & gates A40-A78 (north) - served in the center by the Express Tram running separately to south gates A11/12 and north gates A67/70 - while level 2 also offers an escalator down to the tunnel leading to Concourse B/C with gates B1-B21 & C8-C27 on upper level, and gates C1-C7 on lower level. 
- Arriving domestic passengers proceed to level 1 to claim their bags, while arriving international passengers proceed to the lower level for baggage retrieval & customs procedure.  Both the Domestic & International Arrivals pick-up areas are right outside.
Level 2 connect by pedestrian bridge to the Parking and Ground Transportation Center (and to the Concouses /gates A, B, C).
NOTE:  Many new concessions were added recently at the  McNamara terminal, and the existing free Wi-Fi service was expanded for unlimited access at higher speeds. 
    The Lower Level is for international arrivals (with international arrivals pick-up area in front);
    Level 1 is the Arrivals level houses
separate domestic & international arrivals & baggage claims.
   Level 3
is the Departures level
with check-in facilities. Outside is departures drop-off area, and escalators inside lead to Level 2 and its concourses & gates.
    Level 2 - after security check, leads to Concourses and the Westin Hotel (between the gateway to Concourse A and gate A35). Level 2's pedestrian bridge leads to parking &  ground transportation center.
       Concourse A reached from level 2 -  with total gates A1- A78 - has 1.5 miles of moving walkways, also served by the Express Tram stopping at three stations - at Terminal, North & South stations:
 - The Terminal Station at the water feature near gates A38/A40, and within easy reach of gates A29-55, and  access by tunnel to either Concourses B & C, or at opposite side to separate escalators to levels 3 & 1 and from level 1 to lower level's international arrivals.
 - The North Station is near gate A67 and within easy reach of gates A56-78; (c) the South Station is near gate A11 and within easy reach of gates A1-28.  The military 'Freedom Center' lounge is at Gate A-43.
Flight Info screens display red ExpressTram icons next to flights which recommend an Express Tram ride. New Plum Market/ Zingerman's opened at gate A36.
       Concourse B
(at left)  has gates B1-21on opposite sides.
       Concourse C
(at right) has gates C8-C27, while gates C1-C7 are on the lower level reached by elevator. The tunnel at  gates C1/C3 connects to gates A38/40.
NEW: Award-winning Wall Street Journal/ Starbucks travel stores at gates A20 & B8 incorporate innovative customer service tech (mobile point of sale & interactive news screens, digital menues & cooler doors). Also award-winning is the new Estee Lauder Beauty Boutique (Best Retail Concept) in the central link area.

The North Terminal
at present serves non-Sky team member airlines Air Canada, Alaska, American, Frontier, JetBlue, Lufthansa*, Royal Jordanian, Southwest, Spirit, & United. The terminal consists of a Lower Level with Arrivals & Baggage Claim, and an Upper Level with check-in and security check, leading to Concourse D. 
   Concourse D is 0.5 mile long, and has west gates D16-D1, and east gates D17-D32. A moving walkway leads from the area at Gate D5 to the Upper Level for international arrivals.  A pedestrian bridge connects the center of the Upper Level with parking and ground transportation center (level 4).  A new military lounge, the 'Freedom Center', opened next to Gate D-17.
    * Lufthansa has curbside check-in & baggage check service for its Frankfurt & beyond-bound passengers. Those who have already checked in online may drop off their checked luggage at the curb. Also, Lufthansa's FlyNet enables passengers to surf the internet and use mobile data communication onboard.