CID Airport - Eastern Iowa Airport ( Cedar Rapids , IA )


Eastern Iowa Airport CID serves the counties of Eastern Iowa and the City of Cedar Rapids.  However, due to its many additions and improvements made over the last few years, it is also drawing travelers from outside the primary area, including those from western Illinois and northern Iowa. 

CID  Airport is a few miles south of Cedar Rapids, and can be easily reached via two major Interstate Highways 80/380.

With a new runway and nearly 1.1M passengers in 2016, Eastern Iowa Airport is served by a number of major airlines offering non-stop flights to major US Airports with connections worldwide.

Eastern Iowa Airport has one passenger terminal.  For Terminal details at this site open ‘Terminal Map’ and scroll down to the text; for Parking details, open ‘Parking Map’, for ground transportation open ‘Ground Transportation: /Buses & Trains.

Present and future Airport developments:  Phase 3 of the Terminal Modernization Project started in July 2017 - right after Phase 2 ended (involving pre-security area). Phase 3 involves a 54,000 sq.foot expansion - to be completed within 21 months.  (New stairs, escalaor & elevator will go up to the concourse, while a 'living' green wall at the stairs will freshen the air and enhance its surroundings.  A new holdroom upstairs will be upstairs along the concourse.)

2121 Arthur Collins Parkway SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-8952
Phone: 319-362-8336