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El Paso Airport ( ELP ) Terminal Map Information

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The adobe-style passenger terminal at El Paso International Airport (EPIA) with a main atrium and East and West Concourses  showcases the region’s cultural heritage.  Fee WiFi access is available throughout the terminal.
    The lower level is divided into Departure check-in (right) and Arrivals/ baggage claim facilities (left): 
 - To the right of the main entrance are ticket counters & a baggage check-in area;
 -  to the left is the Arrivals'  baggage claim area, Travelex, Airline baggage service offices & Police Lost/Found.  This level also houses the El Paso Convention & Visitors Bureau, Airline baggage services & Military Assistance Desk - with access in the center of the lower level to The Beacon Room & La Placia Conference Room.
 - In the center, near currency exchange, is access to the atrium with food & retail concessions, and an escalator leading to the Meeter/Greeter Area, while another escalator leads to the boarding area - divided between East &  West Concourses, with a TSA checkpoint in the center serving both A & B gates:
    Concourse A (West) with gates A1 - A4 presently serves only American Airlines. Recently it openedthe new El Paso Marketplace.
    Concourse B (East) with gates B1- B11 presently serves  Delta, Southwest, & United. Concourse B houses a full-service restaurant - the '12th Fairway Bar & Mesa Street Grill' between gates B2/B3., as well as a Max-Wellness self-service kiosk. 

- Military services: The lower level offers a Military Assistance Desk (tel. 915-562-3606), while the new USO Lounge is near gate B5. TSA also provides Military TSA Pre-check.
- TSA Pre-check is available at EPIA.
- The closeby new Consolidated Rental Car facility now houses everything under its roof - for car rentals, returns and related services.
- Free WiFi by Digital El Paso is available throughout the terminal.