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Houston Intercontinental Airport IAH

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Banking/ATM Services at Houston Intercontinental IAH Airport

ATM ATMs are located in all terminals. Fees may apply, depending on your bank’s policy. Level 2, Terminal A, Ticketing Lobby Level 2, near Gate A7 Level 2, near Gate A17 Level 2, Terminal B, Ticketing Lobby Level 2, Terminal B, Post-security Level 2, near Gate B1 Pre-Security, Houston Airport Marriott Level 2, Terminal C-D Walkway Level 2, near Gate C3 Level 2, near Gate C6 Level 2, near gate C14 Level 2, near gate C43 Level 2, near Gate D6 Level 1, Terminal E, International Arrivals Level 2, Terminal E, Ticketing Lobby Level 2, near Gate E1 Level 2, near Gate E12

Currency Exchange at Houston Intercontinental IAH Airport

Foreign Currency Exchange services are available at IAH Airport from "Currency Exchange" and Travelex:

Currency Exchange
at IAH is available at the following Terminals (TA - TE):
TB near gates B60-67;  ICE near gates B1-31;
TC near gates 43-45;  at TD near gates D1-6;
TD near gates D1-6
TE at the Arrivals Bldg, pre-security, and at left of security checkpoint, with Travelex near Gates E10,11.

Currency exchange is available between 7:30am & 9pm - all scheduled international flights to/from Houston are within this time frame.

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