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Houston Intercontinental Airport ( IAH ) Terminal Map Information

Houston Intercontinental Airport Terminal Map Overview

Houston Intercontinental IAH Terminal Map IAH Terminal A IAH Terminal B IAH Terminal C IAH Terminal D IAH Terminal E

MAIN TERMINAL / CONCOURSES AT Houston Intercontinental IAH

Terminal Layout, Current Detour Notice, Detour notice, Getting around (Airlines, Terminal Connections, Global Entry, APC kiosks, Passenger paging, International Departures/ Arrivals; TERMINAL DETAILS & Amenities/Services & Lounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Houston Intercontinental Airpor
t consists of five terminals - TA through TE (TA gates A1-30), TB gates B1-88, TC gates C1-45, TD gates D1-12 and TE gates E1-24).  International Arrivals D/E is at the eastern point of the the terminal layout. The access road of JFK Blvd leads to center of the complex, with Marrott Hotel & restaurant - dividing Terminals A & B (West) and their respective garages, and Terminal C, D & E (East) with their rspective garages. TD/TE are connected and face each other. A/B Parking is between TA & TB; while C Parking is between TC and TD/E. 
All Terminals have these similar features:  (a) Entering from street level you get to the baggage claim areas, rental car facilities, and amenities located next to the passenger pickup exits.  (b) Visitor Information Centers are in the baggage claim area of all 3 terminals.  (c) Doorway designation: One for limos, taxis & public transport - another for private vehicle pickup.  (d) Level 2 is the check-in/ departures level, with airline counters along the walls, while shops, food courts & lounges fill up the remaining area.
All terminals house a Skyway & Subway station. The Skyway is an elevated train running between the post-security areas of all terminals.  The Subway is on level LL, reached by elevator/ escalators  from the pre-security terminal access only.

Getting around:   All international arrivals are at Terminal E, while passengers for most airlines will check in and depart from the same terminal and use its baggage claim on arrival -
International passengers of the following airlines use TD for check-in & departure - but arrive & claim bags at TE: 
Air China, AirFrance, Air New Zealand, ANA, Avianca, British, Emirates, Eva Air, Interrjet,KLM, Korean, Lufthansa, Qatar, Singapore, Turkish, Vacation Express, VIVA, Volaris & WestJet .
- All other airlines (domestic & those with US custom clearance
- except United ) use Terminal A.
- United Airlines uses Terminals B, C, D & E for different purposes:
- TC level 2 for domestic check-in, TD for domestic departures, TC level 1 for Arrivals
- TE level 2 for domestic checkin and departures, and TC, level 1 for Arrivals
- TE level 2 for international check-in, TD for departures, TE for Arrivals
- TE Level 2 for both  international check-in & departures, and for Arrivals.
(United Airlines is
adding nearly 8,000 iPads for food, retail, amenity & entertainment orders - placed from restaurants or at tech-enhanced gate areas with lounge-style seating.  United's MileagePlus members may use their miles to select CIBO Express Gourmet Markets with healthy options  in TE.  United Clubs are in both TC North & TC South concourses.)
    Terminal connections inside /outside of their secured areas offer separate transport connections:
- The above-ground TerminaLink train inside security starts at TA station, connecting all terminals within 30 minutes.
- The below-ground Inter-Terminal Train outside security connects TA, TB, Hotel, TC, & TD/TE.
- TD & TE are connected by tunnel. TD connects at gate D1 to TC's North gates; TE connects at gate E1 to TC's South gates.
- Most shuttle services are at the south side of Terminals A, B & C and the west end of D.
- The Metro’s Airport Direct bus departs from Terminal C to downtown Houston.
   Global Entry Program: The automated self-service kiosk is intended for frequent travelers enrolled in the Global Entry system, to bypass passport control, customs & Immigration when returning to the U.S., by simply activating their data at this kiosk (note that the Global Entry program is now extended to Mexican citizens).
   APC kiosks: U.S. & Canadian international arrivals
may now use the new self-service kiosks with Automated Passport Control (APC) technology - speeding up the passport control process.
    Passenger paging:  Pick up one of the white telephones placed throughout the terminals. Visually/ hearing impaired travelers should call 281-230-3000 or the TDD number 281-230-3089.
    International departures: United Airlines at Terminal E; all other airlines at Terminal D.
International Arrivals from Terminals D & E:  All international arrivals are processed through the Federal Inspection Services (FIS) at Terminal E. Customs forms in several languages can be downloaded at :  www.cbp.gov/newsroom/publications/forms and facilites with same residence passengers /families may use one single form.
 - If Houston is your final destination, clear passport control, pick up bags, and submit to Customs your blue Customs Declaration form; if no further baggage inspection is necessary, exit Customs, pass re-check area and enter greeter/ Arrivals Lobby.
 - International to domestic flights:  Passengers with boarding passes may re-check bags just outside of the Customs area exit doors, where airline staff is ready to guide, if necessary:
  - If holding boarding pass: From recheck area to domestic flights & Terminal E - clear security at level 2, turn left for Gates C29-45 and E1-24;  or turn right for gates D1-12, B60-91 or C14-28. The above-ground people mover connects inside the secured areas to Terminals B  & C, every 90 seconds.
  - Passengers with separate tickets connecting to a foreign-flag carrier need to check in at Terminal D counters, using  the elevator /escalator leading to  walkway to TD, then go up one level to ticket counters at right; thereafter go through security check & take escalator up to connecting gate.


Terminal A of IAH
is currently served by  Alaska, American. Delta, Elite, Frontier, Sprit, Texas Sky, United & WestJet.  TA  offers free WiFi services.  Terminal A has on level 0 the TerminaLink train station (train starts there to B gates and all other terminals); on levels 3 & 4 parking, on level M offices.
Level 1 is arrivals area with  baggage claim carousels 1 - 6 surrounding the information countein the center, followed by elevator/escalator to check-in and gates and down to the subway; nearby is the SuperShuttle counter. ; Level 2 is the departures/ check-in area.. Separate security checks offer access to A gates 1-30:
   North Concourse gates A1-A15 (A1, A2, A3a-A3h west; A7-15 north) TheUnited Club is near A10.
   South Concourse gates A17-A30 (A25-30 west; A17-20 & A24  south).

Terminal B of IAH has 5 levels
is currently served by United Airways. TB is divided by North & South concourses. TB is also primary facility  for United Express - operated by its regional partners ExpressJet, SkyWest, Shuttle America & Trans States, which together operate over 300 daily flights to U.S, Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean.  (Level 0 of TB houses the TerminaLink train station;  Level 3 of TB houses offices, Levels 4 & 5 house parking facilities.)
    Level 1 of TB is the baggage claim area.
    Level 2 of TB houses the AdPM Station, ticketing counters for west, central and east gates, with centralized security checkpoint, and access to Concourse B gates 1-88:
        North Concourses:  East gates B85-88; West gates B76-B83a; escalator/ elevators lead down to:
        South Concourses: South gates B21-B31; Central gates B12-B20 (for United's domestic flights - take elevator/ escalator);  East gates B1-B11.  The new United Club can be reached by escalator/elevator near thUnied check-in counter.
NOTE: As part of Terminal B's Overhaul Project (to be completed by 2019), phase 1 - the 6,000 sq.ft United Club - has now been completed; work continues on phases 2 & 3  thereafter.

Terminal C of IAH is base for domestic operations of United Airways. The terminal is divided ito a North and a South side. While TC South connects to TE, TC North currently connects to TD and USO  (however, the North concourse space is to be used for the upcoming TD expansion).  Level 0 houses the train station; Level 3 offices.
    Level 1 of TC is the Arrivals level with baggage claim carousels 1 - 12. .
    Level 2 of TC is the Departures level and houses the APM Station, ticketing /check-in facilities, security check and access to C gates. 
The new addition - Terminal C North - added over 100,000 sq.feet of space - offering its passengers more comfortable and lavish concourse-to-gate experience.  The 265,000 sq.foot facility (between Terminals B & C) houses 11 boarding gates for all types of United Airline carriers. The new concourse added 20 new food & drink and retail concessions, among them 5 high-end restaurants (orders may be placed on provided iPads at any airport location). Following the official opening, the current TC North facility wll be demolished to make way for the Mickey Leland International Terminal D.
New North Concourse*:  gates C24-C27 from center to left; and gates C19-24 at right (starting near C1, after the United Club, Information counter & currrency exchange (with walkway connection to D gates D1-12  ( USO is at gates D2/D2) 
   South Concourse: gates C29-33, C34-42,  C43-45  (with walkway connection to gates E1-24 past C45).
* NOTE: The old North Concourse will be demolished for reconstruction of the Mickey Leland International Terminal D. 
Terminal D of IAH  is currently served by  AeroMexico, Air China, Air France, Air New Zealand, ANA, Avianca, British Aiways, Emirates, EVA, Interjet, KLM, Korean, Lufthansa, Qatar, Singapore, Turkish, Viva & Volaris. TD offers free WiFi services.
    Level 1 of TD is the ticketing & arrivals level , with two entrances for passenger drop-off, and two exits for passenger pick-up and for taxis, limos, etc. Between the exit doors is an escalator leading to trains and Terminals A, B & C. In the back of it is the baggage claim. Ticketing desks are near the entrances.The security check is between exit and entrance doors and behind it is the escalator & elevator to the gates.
    Level 2 is the departure level  with D gates 1-12 houses separate gateways to gates D1-D3 (connecting to C gates C14-45), and gates D4-D12 (west to east - . As you enter, you find an ATM machine and three lounges, as well as currency exchange service near gate D7. 'Tony's Wine Cellar & Bistro' - a full-service restaurant with high-end dining options opened recently.  A short tunnel south leads to Terminal E (south of Terminal D).  Level 2 houses the following lounges: Executive, KLM Crown, British Airways & AirFrance lounges (west to east).  The Eva Air loonge is opposite of D2.
From the concourse exit you reach ticketing, baggage claim, ground transport & parking D/E.  For A, B, C and Marriott hotel, use elevator /escalator to level; transfer to tunel level escalator/ elevator (a pre-security terminal access only). 
    NOTE:  After completion of the new North Concourse, the subsequent demolition of the old one will make space for the new  'Mickey Leland International Terminal D'.       

Terminal E of IAH is served by United Airlines for its internatioal flights.
   Level 0 of TE houses the underground baggage facility;
   Level 1 of TE is the Arrivals level with 12 baggage belts, re-check counters for baggage check-through to domestic flghts after customs clearance, and a meeter /greeter lobby, with exit to ground transport.
International Arrivals after baggage retrieval & Customs check will enter the public area of International Arrivals Lobby, with Information counter and exit door E-102,leading to outside transport options and access to parking facilities.
   Level 2 of TE is the Departures level check-in facilities and  with access after security check to  E gates 14-45. Once you get through security check you can proceed to the gate area to the south -near the United Club entrance by gates E11-E6 (west); the Centurion Lounge is at gate E6; & gates E12-24 (east).  A walkway is at west to C gates (near past  'Famous Familia' restaurant).
       The gate area - used by United's international arrivals/departures, with its United Club in the Center  - with Gates E11&  E10a/b to the left, continuing southwest  with gates E9-E1; and to the right gates E12, E14, continuing southeast with gates A15a/b through E24. The gate area represents the building running along opposite sides of the access road (South Terminal Drive).

Amenities & Services inside the passenger terminals:  All terminals provide free internet access; banking facilities, charging stations, food & drink and retail concessions, newsstands, vending machines & shoeshine. TD & TE also offer currency exchange, while TA, TD & TE also offer duty-free shops. Movie rental and an interfaith chapel are available in TC, and in-Motion Entertainment is in TE. The large  USO facility in TD contains a Cyber Café, video gaming stations, entertainment lounge, quiet room, children’s play room, and kitchen. The Real Food Company in TC was named 'Best New Food & Beverage Concept' by Revenue News.
Due to other recent improvements, including new concourses at TA & TC, the Houston Airport System has some of the nation's finest terminal facilities - one of which is the 'La Grand Comptoir' French brasserie in TC North, which recently received the 'Best Restaurant in the World' prize.
Airline /Airport /AMEX Lounges:
All terminals, except at TD. house a United Club

- At TD:  Air France, British Airways, Centurion*, KLM Crown, USO; and  Executive lounges for Air China, Emirates, Lufthansa & Qatar.
* The new Centurion Lounge by AMEX at TD is 
at Gate D6 - free to paying guests, Business-& Corporate Platinum, and to Centurion Card members.  Other Amex credit & charge card members can get a one-day pass for $50.

Important Telephone Numbers:

- Paging & Information / IAH Dispatch: 281-230-3100
- TTY: 281-230-3099
USO: 281-433-2451
Lost & Found: tel. 281-230-3299; e-mail:  has.iahlost@houstontx.gov