Peoria General Downing Airport Parking PIA

Peoria General Downing Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

PIA Airport offers free parking for short- and long-stay use at  Main and Satellite Lot parking.
-The free big Main Lot is across from the terminal (the Rental car ready/return is within this lot).
-The free Satellite lot is a short walk west of the terminal - served by free shuttle bus.
 - The Premier Lot with guaranteed parking is east of the terminal (adjacent to Satellite lot) - available by yearly subscription at $365. 
 - For Passenger Pickup/Dropoff use the m
etered parking lot on the lower level drive.
 - Free shuttles run between 4:30am-11pm.

Peoria General Downing ( PIA ) Airport Parking Map

Peoria General Downing PIA airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near Peoria General Downing Airport ( PIA )