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Jackson Evers Airport ( JAN ) Terminal Map Information

Jackson Evers JAN Terminal Map JAN East Concourse JAN Main Terminal JAN West Concourse


The passenger terminal at Jackson Evers Airport is being gradually expanded over the coming years with added facilities. At present it has an East  and a West Concourse. 
   Level 1 is the arrivals level with baggage claim carousels 1 - 4, lost baggage, information desk,  rental car counters;
   Level 2 is the departure level with ticket counters, food & drink, shops, the Medgar Evers Pavilion, security checkpoints at opposite sides, and access to the concourses - both of which include a business center, coffee & small shops. New charging stations for electronic devices are available at both Concourses. All gates are equipped with jet bridges:
       The East Concourse has gates 1-4;
       the West Concourse has and gates 15-19;
   Level 3 has access to parking garage level 2 and houses Administration office and conference facilities.

Terminal Services: 
 - Starbucks & On Stage Restaurant are at pre-security, while On-Stage Restaurant, Sport Hall Cafe & Sam Adams Kiosk are at post-security.  Hudson News is on level 2.
 - Free WiFi is available at: main terminal area, restaurants, departure concourses, rental car check-in and baggage claim (set your network ID or SSID to 'JMAA Wi-Fi'; lounge browser and get redirected to log-in portal; cick 'Login'.  For Customer Care service call 877-943-4463.

Current airlines serving Jackson Airport: 

American, tel. 800-433-7300 to Dallas DFW, Charlotte CLT, to Washington DC
Delta, tel. 800-221-1212 to Atlanta ATL,
Southern Airways Express, tel. 1-800-329-0485: e-mail: info@iflysouthern.com; to  Memphis, Nashville and Destin, FL.
United, tel. 800-864-8331 to Houston IAH.