Kansas City Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Parking Options and Fees:

1. Economy Lots A, B and C - Long-Term Parking
$5.50 flat daily rate.

2. Circle Lots E1 thru E4 - Daily or Long-Term Parking
$12 max. daily rate

3. Garage Parking A, B and C - Pick-up/Drop-Off, Short-Term and Long-Term Parking
$18 max. daily rate

KCI has a Frequent Parker Program.
KCI also has a Corporate Parking Program - 816-243-2469

Terminal Garages
Located in the centerof each terminal's circular layout is a garage that offers convenient parking. These garages are known as A, B and C, after the terminals that they serve.

Circle Parking
Located around the circular edge of the airport's central service facility are four parking lots: E1, E2, E3 and E4.

Satellite Lots
Kansas City International Airport offers a large satellite parking lot that is divided into three parts. Lower rates are charged for parking in this lot than in the more central parking facilities. Part A is served by a shuttle bus that provides a speedy service to Terminal A; parts B and C are served by similar services to Terminals B and C.

Parking for the Disabled Travelers
Parking spaces for the disabled are available in each parking area. Tariffs for these spaces are, at the time of writing, charged at the same rate throughout the airport's various garages and lots.

The most convenient garages are the terminal garages built within the terminal layout. Passageways run between these garages and the terminals. However, tall vehicles do not fit into these lots (e.g. the Terminal A clearance is only seven feet and two inches). Parking lots not directly linked to the terminals are connected by shuttle bus services: these buses are equipped with shuttle lifts.

Kansas City ( MCI ) Airport Parking Map

Kansas City MCI airport parking map

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