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Boston Logan Airport ( BOS ) Terminal Map Information

Boston Logan BOS Terminal Map BOS Terminal A BOS Terminal B BOS Terminal C BOS Terminal E


Terminal layout, Getting Around, International Arrivals & Connecting, American Airlines Passengers; Terminal Details, & Airport/ Airline Lounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Boston Logan International includes four passenger terminals - TA, TB, TC & TE
(TE is the 'Volpe International Terminal'). While Terminals B, C & E are inter-connected, separate Terminal A is near Terminal B.  The Central Garage  is beween TB & TC, while Terminals E & B have their own parking garages (TB, with North & South Concourses, surrounds its garage). Moving walkways connect all four terminals to the Central Garage.  TA has a connector to the Logan Office Center.
The Rental Car Center has its own exit from Route I-90.

    Getting Around:  There are no post-security transfers between terminals; use either the walkways or a free shuttle. TA's ground level has a walkway to opposite Terminal E (passing the hotel at left) and to the two parking facilities.
The following free Airport Shuttle Buses stop on the lower baggage claim level :
- Buses 11 & 55 serve all terminals, running daily every few minutes4am to 1am.
- Bus 22 links Terminals A & B with the Airport subway station.
- Bus 33 links Terminals C & E with the airport subway station.
- Bus 55 serves off-peak hours, serving all terminals and the airport subway station.
- Bus 66 departs from all terminals for the Water Shuttle Dock.
- Bus 88 links all terminals and the Economy Parking Lot 24/7.
- If arriving at Airport Station via Blue Subway Line, take the free shuttle bus to your terminal.
    International Arrivals & connecting to other terminals: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you will arrive at TE, where you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag . If you need to connect to another flight you can either take the shuttle bus Routes 11 or 55 or  walk to your connecting terminal.  If walking to TA: use TE's level 3 bridge to TA (5-7 mins);  if walking to TB: proceed to TC, Level 2, then use walkway to TB (7-10 mins); if walking to TC: stay left, follow signs (2-5 mins.).
   WiFi Access:   Since October 2016, Terminal E connects to the upgraded WiFi Boingo system by one click only - free for the first 45 minutes).

TERMINAL DETAILS:  Note that some Airlines use different terminals for different flights (for alphabetical airline listing, their contacts and terminals - please refer to the introductory page.

Terminal A of Boston Logan:
   Level 1 of TA is the Arrivals Level with baggage claims 1 - 4 and outside transportation (buses, rental cars, shuttles, taxis). A Chase ATM is near door A103. Travelex Currency Exchane is available near the A202 enrance door.
    Level 2 of TA is the Departures Level with check-in facilities, security check, ATMs (B of A, Capital One, Chase, Citizens), shoe shine, Delta Service Centers and Delta Clubs  and access to gates at Main Concourse with gates A1-A11, and to the Satellite Concourse S2 with gates A13-A22 - both of which are connected via underground walkway.  Access to the Delta Sky Club off the center (next to 'Auntie Anne's') and near gate A18. The American Airlines Admirals Club is near gates B4/5. The center of the Satellite Concourse S2 houses food & drink & retail concessions.  Travelex Currency Exchange is available near the Delta Sky Club. 
A walkway is between the ground level of the main terminal's right side, and the parking garage, the Hilton Hotel, and Terminal E & its garage.

Terminal B of Boston Logan:  TB recently completed its extension work (adding new ticket counters, departure lounges, 10 more gates, new concession space & new baggage carousels; and connecting both sides of TB at post-security by a walkway.)
    Level 1 of TB - the Arrivals/Baggage claim level - is divided into North & South buildings, connected by 2 separate walkways, with all means of transportation options stationed between them. The central exit doors are B111/ B112; with B113-117 to the left and B110-107 to the right - and baggage claims 5-7 at east, & 9-10 at west, with a meeting point & info counter in the center. Services:  A Chase ATM is near door  B105; a Santander ATM is near door B114, and a TC Bank ATM is near door B107. Level 1 has five MBTA ticket machines; and seven parking pay stations.
    Level 2 of TB - the check-in/ Departures level - surrounds the u-shaped access road & its 3 parking facilities in the center and divides airline services between North & South sides. Passenger dropoff points are outside of either North or South side, according to their airlines. North & South sides have separate security checkpoints:
- The North Side of level 2 houses airline counters for Virgin America & American Airlines Admirals Club near gate B30 to the left, with security check in the center & airline counter for United at right end. The main Security check in the center leads to gates gates B37, B38 (left end) B30-36 (center) and to gates B29-21 (United gates) to the left.
- The South side of level 2 houses airline counters for Air Canada, PenAir, & Spirit  with security check in the center, leading to gates B4-B14, to the right to gates B1-B3, and to the left to gates B15-B29.  The American Admirals Club is near gates B4/5.
- The TB Connector houses the new AIRMALL Boston - a shopping & dinining destination 'like no other'.
Amenities on level 2 include six Bank of America ATMs, and American Airlines Credit Union. 'Be Relax' can be found at both gate B30 & B23
Completed / ongoing projects:   American Airlines (AA) gates were consolidated from various locations into 18 adjacent gates.  Security checkpoints will be consolidated into one. Ticketing counters & kiosks will be expanded and reorganized; baggage handling improved; and concession locations reconfigured. The total project  will add 75,000 sq.feet, while 70,000 sq.feet of current space are under renovation.  Upon completion, Southwest Airlines will move from TA into AA's vacated gates of TB.

Terminal C of Boston Logan: 
    Level 2 is The check-in /departure area and houses check-in facilities.  After check-in passengers will proceed to their respective security checks at east-side: one for JetBlue, the other for Capa Air, Sun Country, Virgin America & Alaska. The security check in the center is for JetBlue, and the security checkpoint at west serves TAP Portugal and Aer Lingus.  
The check-in level is surrounded by four boarding areas, two at north, and two at south: The Two North and the Southwest gates C8-C36 have a common security check, while the southeast gates C40-42 have a separate security check.  All areas offer Food & drink, and retail concessions. 
    The boarding area has access to northwest gates C11-21; to  northeast gates C25-36; to southeast gates C40-42; and to the soutwest gates C8-10. The Gate area inludes the United Club.  The new & much larger USO center offers an array of amenities.  The Santander Lounge serves Aer Lingus & Emirates at gate 65.  Currency exchange by Travelex is near gate C19; Bank of America is near entrance Door C204.  The JetBlue Service center is near gate C19;  KidPort is across from gate C25; 
    The arrivals area houses baggage claim  7-9,  Customs, and outside transport options (airport shuttles, rental car center and Blue & Silver Line, shared van). Baggage claims 7-9 use exit doors C105-102; baggage claims 4 and 6 use exit door C106; baggage claims 2 & 3 use exit doors C108-110. Amenities include the American Airlines Cedit Union, Capital One ATM, JetBlue Baggage Claim office. MBTA ticket machine,, a chapel, parking violations office, security badge office, and US lounge.

Terminal E of Boston Logan (the Volpe International Terminal)  A new Club Lounge opened in January 2017.
   Level 1 of TE is the Arrivals Level and houses baggage claim and Customs, with outside transport options.  Travelex Currency Exchange is between entry doors E106-105. Bank of America is near siie E104; a Chase ATM is near door E105. Parking pay station is near doors E104,106 & 107.
   Level 2 of TE is the Departures level  houses security check & gates E1-3; with a connector after E1a to airline clubs & gates E2-E8.  A Chase & Santander ATM is near the Securtiy check and gate E1, and the Nursey - Mamava is also in that area. 
   Level 3 of TE  departtures houses check-in facilities, security check and access to gates E4-10 (E6 is opposite of security check).  Airline clubs can be accessed from either end of the gateway. Between TE & opposite TA is a walkway, leading through the parking facilities. Level 3 also houses a Chase ATM, a Santander ATM near gtes E6; Travelex Currency Services (near gates E7 & E8. A Nursery - Mamava is near gate 9.
NOTE: Terminal E renovations and expansion project is already, or will soon to be completed, to accommodate large A380 aircraft, get a new baggage handling system and two new jet bridges for each of the gates. It also added new concessions, renovated Immigration & Customs area, replaced escalators & elevators, and added post-security connections to TC.

Airport & Airline Lounges at Boston Logan Airport:

- Terminal A:  Delta's Sky Club in the satellite on level 3.
-  Terminal B: The United Club is across from gate B24, and a new 8,000 sq.ft United Club is on top of TB's concourse (offering a large bar with great views, 178 lounge chairs, & egg-shaped table seating).
    -  TB's North pier
houses the American Airlines' Admirals Club at gate B30.
    -  TB's South Pier houses the Admirals Club at gate B4.
- Terminal C: United's Red Carpet Club and the new pay-in ALD lounge.
- Terminal E: houses British Airways' First & Terraces lounges; the Air France lounge; Lufthansa's Senator & Business lounges, Aer Lingus' Gold Circle lounge and Virgin Atlantic's Clubhouse lounge.