Granada-Jaen FGL GRX Chauchina, La Vega del Genil (53 miles)
Jerez XRY Jerez de la Frontera - Cadiz / Andalusia (87 miles)
Seville SVQ Seville / Cadiz / Andalusia (93 miles)
Almeria LEI Almeria, Andalucia (118 miles)
Faro Algarve FAO Faro (193 miles)
Murcia SanJavier MJV Santiago de la Libera/Murcia (216 miles)
Alicante Elche ALC El Altet - Alicante, Valencia (242 miles)
Madrid Barajas MAD Madrid (268 miles)
Casablanca Mohammed V CMN Nouasseur (287 miles)
Valencia VLC Manises / Valencia (292 miles)

When making a cost comparison, compare the cost of flights first, then factor in additional expenses for parking, rental car, Wi-Fi access, and transportation, etc., all of which vary from airport to airport; the total cost, along with flight availability, can help determine your choice of airport.