Banking/ATM Services at Minneapolis-St Paul MSP Airport

A full-service bank branch of US Bank is in the Lindbergh Terminal's ticket lobby, between doors 5 & 6.  tel. 612-727-1725

ATMs  at Lindbergh Terminal:

US Bank:
Tram Level, Ticket Lobby, Baggage Claim, Airport Mall and Concourses A, C, E & F;
Wings Financial:
at connector bwtween F & G Concourses;  near Itasca Grille in A/B Concourse rotunda, near checkpoint 10.
at Concourse G.

ATMs at Humphrey Terminal:
US Bank:
at level 1 between doors 3 & 4; at level 2 across from gate H6; and at light rail transit skyway..

Currency Exchange at Minneapolis-St Paul MSP Airport

Currency Exchange at Lindbergh Terminal 1:
Travelex  (612-713-7483) at ticketing lobby, between doors 5 & 6 and a currency exchange office & ATM is at entrance to Concourse G entrance.
U.S. Bank also offers currency exchange (tel. 612-727-1725)  located at ticketing lobby, between doors 5 & 6 and at entrance to Concourse G.

Currency Exchange at Huphrey Terminal 2 (tel. 612-725-6000:
Travelex, pre-security, Ticket Lobby. A currency exchange ATM is near gate H6 for euros, pesos & Brit. pounds.